Fusion Recap: First World Featherweight Champion Is Crowned


This week MLW Fusion (presented by www.newlawoffice.com) is set to make history and Cesar Duran will sure be left with memories because it was Jacob Fatu and Juicy Finau who broke into his office last week!

We see Duran this week in Philly rushing to make ends meet to exact revenge on the Samoan SWAT Team, but is approached by Taya Valkyrie who makes clear to Duran that she wants no funny business by Strange Sangre as she aims to become the inaugural Featherweight Champion tonight. “You can take ‘the boy’ out of Boyle Heights, but you can’t take the ‘Boyle Heights’ out of ‘the boy.'” That leaves a sour taste in the matchmaker’s mouth.


Gangrel vs. Budd Heavy

Speaking of Strange Sangre, Gangrel brings the whole crew out against Heavy, but it’s Budd who feels right at home in Philly. He jabs away at Gangrel. However, the vampire veteran knows all the tricks of the trade. He hits a bulldog from up top before nailing his infamous Impaler DDT for the statement pinfall.

WINNER: Gangrel

Post-match, Strange Sangre does exactly what Valkyrie was concerned about and the group attacks Heavy! Is Valkyrie in for the same fate?

We have a World Tag Title match up next and we have some MLW originals at ringside for Spanish commetary: Los Maximos, “Expect the unexpected,” indeed!

So we do have an “interview” courtesy of Alicia Atout, but the “Interview Queen” is a little more than bias against the Von Erichs. They wisely cut the conversation short.

Before the World Tag Gold gets defended, Danny “Limelight” Rivera runs down Philly, the Von Erichs, and the Tag Team Champs. Luckily Marshall and Ross did leave that interview early cause they were able to interrupt Rivera! The fight starts and the bell rings as the World Tag Champs have to rush to the squared circle!


MLW World Tag Team Championships

5150 vs. The Von Erichs vs. Hustle & Power

After a break, we see the fight very much on the outside. It’s Heavyweight Hustle who inadvertently gets tossed into Tankman!

Back in the ring, it’s Marshall and Tank exchanging hard shots with one another. Tank nails Marshall with a spinning back elbow and that sets MVE up for a double team spinning back neckbreaker. H&P covers, but Ross makes the save.

The brothers show why they hold the record for longest tag title reign and use their chemistry to get a near fall on the champs. 5150 follow up by almost getting a victory against the Von Erichs, but the champs make the stop! This battle is all over and unpredictable! Hernandez almost catches Calvin with a Border Toss, but Tank jumps free and EJ spears Super Mex!

It’s the Von Erichs who get the Iron Claw in on Hernandez and retribution is made after Dallas as they slam him through the table.

This leaves Rivera isolated and the Champs make the most of the opportunity. Tank and EJ plant Rivera with an assisted Tankman Driver and get the 1-2-3!

WINNERS and STILL Tag Champions: Hustle & Power

Post-match, Los Maximos show their displeasure with earlier by attacking Tank and EJ. A brawl breaks out in Philly!

Davey Richards approaches the World Middleweight Champion Myron Reed and straight up offers him a spot in St. Louis with Team Ambition. Myron is all down for that.

Not only do we have a Weapons of Mass Destruction Match up for next week, but there’s a “Killer on the road” as Killer Kross makes it clear he’s ready for Battle Riot IV in New York City!

We see Real1 pull up to the 2300 Arena in Philly and he receives word that someone scratched up his wheels. He knows whoever the culprit is, it’s courtesy of a black Cadillac. 

WHo’s in Beverly Hills? Richard Holliday and he gets a phone call which gives him the perfect opportunity to gloat about getting the only pinfall against Hammerstone in three years (he also doesn’t want to extend his car’s warranty.)

It’s main event time which means it’s time to make history.


MLW World Featherweight Championship

Holidead vs. Taya Valkyrie

Sure enough, Holidead comes out with Strange Sangre. The deck is certainly stacked against Valkyrie as she makes her way to face the undefeated Holidead. Introductions are officially made, the belt is raised and the bell sounds.

The two Featherweights lock up. Taya twists at the wrist of Holidead who returns the favor. Both women are feeling one another out and it’s Taya who finds the better of the moment by hanging Holidead out for a sliding suplex off the ropes!

Despite that, Holidead finds home on the outside and swings the momentum back in her favor. Holidead hits a big guillotine leg drop on the apron before choking La Wera Loca. More leg drops are administered in the center of the ring, but Valkyries scouts the third attempt and gets back on her feet to hit a spear on Holidead! She gets a two-count!

Holidead finds her comfort zone back on the outside and catches Taya with a Darkness Falls angel’s wings! She rolls Taya back in the ring and covers: 1-2-no!

A camel clutch is locked in by Holidead and it takes a lot out of Taya to make it to the ropes. Taya somehow, some way finds her second wind and catches Holidead with a meteora in the corner. Taya drags Holidead in the middle of the ring to get a two-count!

Taya goes for the Road To Vahalla, but Holidead reverses for a slam and a very close fall!

The two athletes trade shots! Holidead nails a Killswitch and Taya kicks out! Out comes Arez to hop on the apron. That backfires for Holidead who bumps into Arez and it helps Taya find the opportunity to tie Holidead up on the mat for a surfboard stomp! Valkyrie locks in a modified STF and Holidead has no option but to tap! We have a first-ever Featherweight Champion!

WINNER and INAUGURAL World Featherweight Champion: Taya Valkyrie

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