Fusion Recap: Microman, Taya Valkyrie & Lince Dorado Get ‘Extreme’ Against Strange Sangre


MLW Fusion (presented by www.newlawoffice.com) starts off with footage from last week down in South Philly. The Samoan Swat Team have announced the grand opening of the Polynesian Chop Shop! A “pop-up store” is going down right outside of the 2300 Arena and while they have some “hot” items for sale, Cesar Duran comes to break up the party, noticing some of his office’s prized possessions. He threatens to call the cops, but Jacob Fatu knows well enough Duran and the police are like oil and vinegar. He makes it clear that Juicy Finau and Lance Anoa’i aren’t there just for show. Duran takes him up on his offer and says that next week he’ll face his Azteca henchmen.

Los Azteca vs. The Samoan SWAT Team

Duran sure put his henchmen in peril as Juicy and Lance completely back up what Fatu said who joins Rich and Joe on commentary. Big time senton by Juicy and Lance nails a cannonball in the corner. Finau nails a double Samoan Drop and Lance comes off the top with a Samona Splash! It’s all arithmetic after that: 1-2-3.

WINNERS: The Samoan SWAT Team

Jacob Fatu is amped for his uces, but out of the crowd comes Real 1 who cracks Fatu with with a beer bottle! Glass is all over as Real 1 high-tails it

Richard Holliday has become consumed with proving himself as the “sole proprietor” of the Dynasty and has become fascinated by the color of “red” due to Hammer’s blood on his suit. He is ready for his title fight on July 14.

Myron Reed has been in St. Louis training with Davey Richards and his Team Ambition fight team. Richards congratulates Reed on his Middleweight Title defense from last week and expresses interest in going up against The Young GOAT. Reed’s a bit taken aback, but says “maybe” to it. “It’s all about competition,” Davey says before walking off.

We get an update on Fatu after the Real 1 incident: The Samoan Werewolf has gotten staples in his head and is undergoing concussion protocol, but word is Fatu is ready to get his hands on the Jersey boy.

It’s main event time.

Strange Sangre vs. Lince Dorado, Taya Valkyrie and Microman

South Philly is all for Microman as the two teams get separated, but that doesn’t last long as a brawl breaks out. Mini Abismo Negro begins to stomp away at Microman, but Taya takes control against Holidead as we head to break.

Back from it, Lince Dorado squares off against Arez who utilizes his strange style to throw him off. In comes MAN for a seamless double-team. It soon becomes two-on-one as Arez sets Microman up for a superkick. They can’t keep Microman down long as he takes it to both men! Taya dukes it out with Holidead as Microman runs around the ring and slides under the apron. MAN and Arez go to pull him out but they get South Philly’s Blue Meanie instead!

Back in the ring, Lince Dorado delivers three moonsaults to Arez, but the pin gets broken up! Taya and Holidead shows the bad blood still brews as they fight their way up the entryway.  Back in the ring, it’s Microman who gets the better of Mini Abismo Negro and catches him with an athletic head scissors and finishes it up with a victory roll!

WINNERS: Microman, Taya Valkyrie and Lince Dorado

Post-match, Microman finds himself isolated by Strange Sangre. The group looks to do damage to the star, but who comes out with beers and kendo in hand but The Sandman! He pours beers in the mouths of fans before taking the kendo to Strange Sangre! What gets presented but a micro kendo! Microman takes it to Strange Sangre as he and Sandman follow up with a couple of brewskis in celebration!

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