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  • THE THRILLA IN PHILA: Alex Kane versus ??? 
  • Real 1 vs. Lince Dorado

National Openweight Champion Alex Kane and The Bomaye Fight Club invite any of MLW’s finest fighting athletes to step in the ring and have their date with destiny as they get the opportunity to go toe-to-toe with the champ for 20 minutes in THE THRILLA IN PHILA! 

The rules for this once in a lifetime exhibition bout are simple, but the stakes couldn’t be higher! 20 minutes with the champ! $20,000 of Bomaye Fight Club’s cold, hard cash up for grabs. The icing on the cake? Alex Kane’s National Openweight Championship is at stake! 

Who on the MLW roster has what it takes to try to etch their name in Philadelphia’s robust prizefight history as they attempt to shock the world and dethrone The Suplex Assassin in under 20 minutes? Tune in and don’t miss THE THRILLA IN PHILA.

After blindsiding Fatu, Cesar Duran has shocked league officials and REWARDED Real 1 with a singles bout on Fusion! This week, the controversial street fighter from Jersey goes one on one with Lince Dorado!

MLW cameras catch up with 1/2 of the Clout Couple Alicia Atout as she dishes on the upcoming World title mega-bout between Hammerstone and her man Richard Holliday in just seven days at Kings Of Colosseum.

New Women’s World Featherweight Champion Taya Valkyrie willingly accepts the new target on her back and calls out the best from around the globe! Who will be the first to step up and challenge the decorated luchadora?

A battered and vengeful Mads Krugger rises from ruin. 

Join Rich Bocchini and Joe Dombrowski as MLW presents Fusion!

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