Kings of Colosseum 2022 Recap: Hammerstone vs. Holliday

It’s the most personal MLW Title fight we’ve seen in history: Hammerstone vs. Holliday and it will finally take place tonight at Kings of Colosseum! This big episode starts off with a Featherweight fight!


Britany Blake vs. Zoey Skye

Zoey doesn’t waste a minute as she launches into Blake with a shotgun dropkick from right off the top! Zoey continues to show that fiery office as she stays in control of the fight for a good portion. A lungblower knocks Blake out of sorts, but an elevated DDT downs Skye and Brittany locks in The Bad Omen, an arm-locked seated cloverleaf. Skye immediately taps. 

WINNER: Brittany Blake

This win definitely puts Blake in a position for facing Valkyrie down the road

EJ Nduka is with new MLW Correspondent Sam Leterna. Being undefeated and a Tag Team Champ, The Judge begins to question why he’s not lined up for a title match, but he reveals to Leterna that he’s just playing around. He’ll be sitting in the VIP section tonight and he’ll be watching.

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Leterna stays busy by interviewing Richard Holliday and Alicia Atout next. Holliday addresses Hammerstone directly. treat tonight like it’s memory lane. He mentions The Dynasty and the good times, but once he gets in the ring he wants Hammer to realize that none of those memories mean anything to him. All that matters to him is money, winning and championships. He begins making out with Atout before dismissing Leterna from the intense PDA.


ACH vs. Matt Cross

Philly starts to chant for ACH as the bell sounds and the two lock up. Joe Dombrowski talks about how well traveled and well-wrestled Cross is as deep arm drags are exchanged between the two.

Cross hits a smooth head scissors before sweeping the leg and hitting an elbow. He covers for only a one count.

ACH soon ends up tying Cross in for a Muta lock, but Matt immediately grabs the ropes. ACH corners Cross, but Cross hits a leaping cross body!

Cross hits a double stomp and a pump kick: 1-2-no!

Back from break, ACh hits a springboard crossbody to the outside and it dazes Cross. The action gets back in the ring and ACH hits an enziguri and nails a crisp suplex for a two count!

Punches are exchanged as both men are fired up. ACH looks for a German Suplex but Cross nails him with a springboard cutter. That sets ACH up for a shooting star press and he nails it: 1-2-3!

WINNER: Matt Cross

We have some final words from the World Champion, Alex Hammerstone. He thinks nerves are going to start kicking in for Richard Holliday. He’s going to start to realize that this isn’t going to be a fairytale story for him. Hammerstone will make Richard realize that YBH is the consequence.

New backstage footage is realized as we see a mysterious figure enter Holliday’s locker room.

THe BOMAYE Fight Club just got one more member and that’s Myron Reed. Kane calls Davey a dog and is ready to destroy the American Wolf in New York City.

It’s main event time.


World Heavyweight Championship

Richard Holliday (with Alicia Atout) vs. Alex Hammerstone (c)

Holliday comes out with the mind games ready as he has his white blazer on that is covered in Hammer’s blood. Hammer has his own mind games in mind and that is the electricity Philly has for YBH. Tim Barr makes the official introductions and the fight is on!

Punches are immediately traded and a shot by Holliday has Hammer sending Rich in he corner. He soon unleashes a big belly to belly on Holliday. Alex goes for a Nightmare Pendulum early on, but Richard escapes and goes to the outside. Alicia tries to interfere and the distraction works as it gives Holliday the opportunity to nail Hammer in the kidneys. We head to break.

Back from it, we see Hammer go for an elevated gordbuster. He does hit it, but the kidneys may play a factor. Holliday soon nails a spinebuster and gets a two count. He digs his boot into Hammer against the ropes before hitting a neckbreaker. He begins to dissect Hammer and hones in on the Champion’s ankle.

Hammer soon fires back with a series of lariats and that sets Richard up for a big German suplex. Holliday gets his own offensive move in with a modified Pedigree. ALicia sees a window to distract senior official Frank Gastineau and she discreetly gets Holliday her heel. Holliday catches Hammer with it and covers: 1-2-no! Hammer shows his resiliency by hoisting Holliday up in a fireman’s carry but Gastineau gets hit with Holliday’s leg.

Sure enough, who comes out but Cesar Duran and an Azteca “referee.”

The “official” has issues with his mask while Holliday takes the opportunity to hit Hammerstone repeatedly with a heavy ringside chair. Holliday hits a 2008 and covers. The Azteca ref goes to make the three count, but is pulled out by Gastineau.

Hammer gets a big second wind! Philly acknowledges that Holliday has “f*cked up” and he did. Hammer unleashes a flurry of offense and it sets Holliday up for a picture perfect Nightmare Pendulum. 1-2-3!

WINNER and STILL MLW World Heavyweight Champion: Alex Hammerstone

Holliday thought he had the perfect plan, but the World Champ has persevered.

The feed suddenly cuts to Mads Krugger with his badly burned face. We see him crawling down the hallway until a mysteriously suited figure walks up and puts a hand on his shoulder.

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