Recap: Battle Riot IV Kicks Off New Season For MLW

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MLW is back and it all begins with your World Tag Team Champions, Hustle & Power as they pick their place in the 40-man Battle Riot IV. Both Calvin Tankman and EJ Nduka are competitors and don’t reveal one another’s numbers, but both appear ready to prove themselves.

Out comes Cesar Duran to welcome his renegades of New York City. He goes on to express his excitement for the Battle Riot IV, but begins to say Hammerstone will still not be the champion for the winner as he’s got his henchman ready to take the title. Out comes Hammer who is all about business.

MLW World Heavyweight Championship
Azteca Henchman vs. Alex Hammerstone (c)

Hammer is dominate, not just against his official opponent but the second henchman with him. YBH hits his Nightmare Pendulum and it’s all over.

WINNER and STILL World Champion: Alex Hammerstone

The Champ gets his hand raised before confronting Duran, but you had to believe this was a ploy to set Hammer up for an attack…by Richard Holliday. Holliday cracks Hammer with a chair. He’s left a bloody mess as Holliday makes clear he is still fuming at his former friend. Salt to the wound gets added (to not just Hammerstone but the viewer) as Holliday makes out with Alicia Atout.

We cut to backstage and the BOMAYE Fight Club are drawing their numbers, but they were not fully forthright in the selection processs.

Battle Riot IV

Entry #1 is EJ Nduka who made it clear his destiny is World Championship gold, but who is the second entrant? It’s none other than his fellow Tag Team Champion! The two shake hands and grapple up. They don’t have long enough to compete before the next competitor enters.

#3 is Mr. Thomas (who was not part of the earlier selection process for BOMAYE!) He gets ganged up on by Hustle & Power!

#4 is Lince Dorado and he joins in on the attack, but Tankman makes clear not all are friends. Lince shows his speed against the champs before everything gets a little strange.

#5 Arez enters as Mr. Thomas and fight at the ropes! EJ sees it and tosses them both!

ELIMINATED: Mr. Thomas and Calvin Tankman

EJ looks to extend a hand to his partner, but Arez and Lince double dropkick him out!


Matters get mighty as #6 is Microman! He displays his fun-sized skill before #7 is his longtime rival Mini Abismo Negro! #8 to enter the fold is La Estrella. Plenty of lucha libre stars are in the ring but they get blessed with #9 in KC Navarro! The fight continues but #10 causes everyone pause at it’s Kim Chee! Nobody considers him an ally as literally everyone attacks him center of the ring!

#11 to enter is a hometown favorite and MLW original, Joel Maximo! No one favors Kim Chee as he gets locked in a universal submission that causes Kim Chee to tap!


Everyone is on the clock as Killer Kross enters #12! He Saito suplexes Joel and covers: 1-2-3.


Kross quickly sets his sights on Arez before he presses the Strange Style master out!


Lucky #13 is someone we haven’t seen in years: Sami Callihan! He brings his signature bat to take his foes out!

#14 is Real 1 and New York is not a fan. They even like him less when he eliminates Microman by booting him off the apron right after MAN gets eliminated!

ELIMINATED: Mini Abismo Negro & Microman!

#15 is Gangrel who isn’t pleased his Strange Sangre has been ousted. Another legacy star enters at #16 with Kwang! The ring begins to fill up once again and a party is ready to begin at #17 with Budd Heavy! Sami eliminates La Estrella!


#18 is an ECW original, Little Guido! Guido doesn’t get a warm welcome as Kross catches him for a cutter over the ropes. Budd Heavy gets misted by Kwang as he gets knocked out by Real 1!


The man with the mist gets dumped opposite side!


#19 is other MLW OG Jose Maximo as Real 1 has shown plenty of underhanded tactics in this match. #20 is the man who almost went the distance last year in Davey Richards! Gangrel soon is the next to get dumped!


#21 enters the fold and it’s the only man to be in every Battle Riot match, Lance A’noai! Kross and Davey battle it out in the corner before #22 is Ken Broadway who is motivated for a big-time pay-off. Kross catches Lince leaping off the top and takes that momention to toss the luchador!

ELIMINATED: Lince Dorado

#23 is another long-time MLW face in Homicide. A suplex gets hit to Jose Maximo and Homicide covers: he gets the elimination!


Richards cinches in an ankle lock to Little Guido and he’s forced to tap!

ELIMINATED: Little Guido

#24 is a hardcore expert in Rickey Shane Page and he’s brought plunder! Out comes Juicy Finau next at #25. Meanwhile, Ken Broadway and Homicide get dumped!

ELIMINATED: Homicide & Ken Broadway

Juicy splashes on the henchman to make the whole canvas shake! He eliminates him!


#26 is Doctor Dax as the final member of Strange Sangre as RSP powerbombs KC Navarro out of the ring through a table!


#28 is Jacob Fatu who makes his presence known by kicking the skull off Dr. Dax! 1-2-3!


#29 is a reinvented Mads Krugger who shows his strength. #30 is Will Maximo who tries to show his skill, but Mads Krugger plants him for a pin.


#31 rules ass cause it’s WARHORSE. #32 is Myron Reed reppin’ BOMAYE. Cesar Duran aims to tip the scales with two more henchmen entering the fold. One gets eliminated rather quickly before a mass of humanity dump Juicy Finau as Real 1 seizes the opportunity to take credit!

ELIMINATED: Henchman & Juicy Finau

Matt Cross, another MLW OG, enters next at #35! New York goes wild for the return of Mance Warner who has an old score to settle with Sami Callihan! Before that another Henchman gets tossed and Fatu eliminates Matt Cross!

ELIMINATED: Henchman & Matt Cross!

#37 is Alex Kane! RSP squares off with Mads who tosses the big man!


Out comes Savio Vega at #38 with a kendo stick and he unleashes punishment! Davey goes up against the BOMAYE Fight Club and a miscommunication allows the Openweight Champ to eliminate both!

ELIMINATED: Alex Kane and Myron Reed

#39 makes history as it’s the MLW Featherweight Champion Taya Valkyrie! She takes it to Sami Callihan, but the mood totally changes at #40.

It’s Parker Boudreaux. He sets his sights on Taya and splashes her in the corner. Boudreaux dumps her out!

ELIMINATED: Taya Valkyrie

Kross squares off against Boudreaux. Real one continues to use underhanded tactics to take out Davey Richards.

ELIMINATED: Davey Richards

As the fight wages on, Davey Richards gets attacked by BOMAYE Fight Club on the stage!

Mancer fights for his life on the apron, but gets eliminated by Mads!

ELIMINATED: Mance Warner

Fatu swiftly dumps out Mads and Warner battles it out with the monster mercenary!

ELIMINATED: Mads Krugger

The field is down to four men: Sami Callihan, Killer Kross, Real 1 and Jacob Fatu. Fatu goes after Kross and Real 1 goes after Callihan. The latter duke it out on the apron as Fatu fights with Kross in the corner. Sami goes to piledrive Real 1 on the apron but Fatu superkicks Sami out!

ELIMINATED: Sami Callihan

Kross and Real 1 form an unlikely alliance as they take it to Fatu. Kross tries pinning Fatu who kicks out. Real 1 and Kross hit a double suplex on Fatu. Real 1 covers again: two count. They continue the assault on Fatu. Kross tries to send Real 1 into Fatu who gets a boot up. Kross plants Fatu with a DDT: another two count.

The fight continues on the apron and Real 1 makes the mistake of trying to toss Kross. Kross plants Real 1 with a pedigree, but Fatu throws out Kross!

ELIMINATED: Killer Kross

The officials attempt to control an irate Kross as referee Frank Gastineau gets knocked silly. Fatu tosses Real 1, but it doesn’t get acknowledged due to Gastineau’s daze. Real 1 nails his Done-zo and tries to toss Fatu, but Fatu lands on the steps! Fatu gets back in and throws Real 1 out!


WINNER of Battle Riot IV: Jacob Fatu

Juicy and Lance comes out to celebrate with Fatu who has never received his World Title rematch from Duran. Afterwards, Fatu makes it clear it feels good to be a part of The Bloodline with the SST! He gives props to NYC and his family as that ends Battle Riot IV!


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