Fusion Recap: Davey Richards Challenges Alex Kane For National Openweight Gold


The second episode of MLW Fusion gets down to business with some Major League OGs battling the new blood of Samoan Swat Team!

Los Maximos vs. Samoan Swat Team

The Maximos make the attempt to go aerial but Finau shows his strength at handling both Jose and Joel!

The tide turns once the bell sounds as Joel takes it to Lance Anoa’i. Lance turns the tide with a flying head scissors before Juicy goes for a splash Joel avoids it, but powers one Maximo onto another, setting them up for a corner cannonball by Lance!

The originators of the Spanish Fly go for a double avalanche version on Lance, but once again Juicy catches them both for a double Samoan Drop! That sets Lance up to hit his Polynesian Splash! 1-2-3!

WINNERS: The Samoan SWAT Team

Mance Warner has been drinking and thinking about Mads Krugger. “You big dumb sonavabitch,” he says. Mancer has been trying to think what match he’d like to have against the Mercenary Monster. As this goes down, Microman makes his attempt to take a Mancer Miller Lite. Mancer catches him, but he respects the hustle.

Word’s been getting round that EJ Nduka and Calvin Tankman haven’t been getting along after Battle Riot IV when The Judge tossed his partner out. Footage was caught last night of The two seemed to patch things up in honor of the gold.

Sam Leterna congratulates Myron Reed on his Middleweight Title run. As Reed welcomes all challenges, Myron catches Tankman walking by. He says that Tank was BOMAYE’s number one draft pick, but he declined. He pokes the bear and calls EJ’s friendship into question. The Judge has been walking around with a new watch and Reed wonders if it was Cesar Duran who gave it to him. He wants Tank to chew on that a little bit.

Taya Valkyrie was viciously attacked by Brittany Blake last week and she wants a piece of her next week. She’s gonna get it on special Thanksgiving episode next week!

We cut to the Clout Couple. Alica Atout questions Alex Hammerstone’s intelligence and warns him of Richard Holliday’s progression since they last fought. Holliday doesn’t care about a hometown advantage in NYC, but he knows the sole proprietor will be the true World Heavyweight Champion.

Matt Cross vs. Killer Kross (with Scarlett Bordeaux)

Cross and Kross are two very different types of competitors, but does the Killer have the advantage with Bordeaux in his corner? The devil from Hell’s Kitchen looks ready to put the time clock on Cross.

The Melrose Ballroom is soundly behind Killer as both competitors size one another up. Kross catches Matt in the corner and begins to dissect Matt down to the canvas. Matt tries to hoist Kross up, but gets a meat hook clothesline to level him to the canvas.

Matt utilizes his high-flying ability and speed with a headscissors takedown. Matt hits a handspring cutter and immediately ascends up top. He attempts a shooting star but Kross scouts it. He then catches Matt with a Doomsday Saito and covers: 1-2-3.

WINNER: Killer Kross

Fans are introduced to the Dark Harilquen of DRAGON GATE Shun Skywalker. He’s coming soon to MLW!

Davey Richards makes it clear to Sam Leterna that the “hunt is on” for the National Openweight Championship.

It was Richards who was the last to hold the heralded Opera Cup, but after a mysterious attack, Stu Hart’s heirloom has gone missing? Any input to where the trophy might be? Shoot an email to tips@MLW.com!

EJ Nduka catches Hammerstone walking out of the locker room and makes his case for a World Title shot. Hammer makes clear he’s preaching to the choir, but the commotion is heard and Hammer walks further to see Calvin Tankman the next man to be laid out with a calling card on his chest. We see Cesar Duran standing there, but the matchmaker makes his case that he had nothing to do with it. Hammer makes it clear that this isn’t over. Duran looks intrigued by the ongoing mystery.

It’s main event time.

National Openweight Championship
Davey Richards vs. Alex Kane (c)

The bell sounds and the two men circle one another. It’s not long before the two fighters get down to the mat game.

Davey soon finds a moment to attempt an ankle lock but Kane escapes and it’s not long after when Kane catches Davey with an exploder suplex in the corner!

After a break, Kane keeps control of The American Wolf. Kane corners him for some harsh forearms to the back of the head. Kane takes plenty of time to brag as he has Davey down.

Kane sends Davey into the corner with a harsh Irish whip. Kane has a corner suplex in mind for Davey, but Richards wrestles off to the crowd’s approval.

The two duke it out up top and Davey is fired up. He shows that ambition with repeated headbutts!

Kane is clearly fading as Richards sends the Suplex Assassin crashing to the mat with a superplex!

“That’s a suplex” chants echo throughout the Melrose Ballroom as Davey begins his bevy of kicks to Kane. Kane then traps Kane in the ropes for his patented Dragon Screw!

Richards climbs up top for a double stomp, but Kane rolls. Despite that, Davey gets Kane in a trailer hitch. He just makes it to the rope!

Kane goes for a suplex but shots are traded. Davey hits a Saito suplex and then a lariat. Kane soon counters with a suplex of his own and the champ gets a very near fall!

Kane goes for a Mark Of Kane but, Richards rolls through for an ankle lock. Kane escapes but Dave punts him. He nails his top rope double stomp, but Kane kicks out at one!

It takes a lot of gusto, but Davey gets Kane up for a sit-out Gotch piledriver! He’s got Kane down for the 1-2-3!

WINNER and NEW National Openweight Champion: Davey Richards

Davey is celebrating with his new gold, but who stands at the top of the entryway, but his old recruit for Team Ambition in Myron Reed. A score certainly looks to be settled.

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