Fusion On Thanksgiving Recap: World Title Fight – Hammerstone vs. Holliday In Falls Count Anywhere


Fusion on Thanksgiving starts off with settling a grudge going for a few weeks now and it ends up turning into the first Featherweight title defense for Taya Valkyrie! Is it one and done for Taya? Brittany Blake sure makes that her intent.

World Women’s Featherweight Championship

Blake picks right where she left off by attacking Valkyrie from behind and she continues that viciousness by grounding the champ. She locks in a straight jacket, but Taya powers her into the turnbuckle for a running hip attack!

Blake catches her for two pin attempts before nailing an enziguri. She corners Taya for a standing kick. She goes for a top rope double stomp but Taya moves and nails a spear!

Back from a break, Blake hits a lungblower for near fall, but the chess gae continues as Taya hits a snap suplex.

Blake so seizes an opportunity to lock in her Bad Omen submission, but Taya makes it to the ropes. STO by Taya. Curb stomp and Loca Lock by the champ. Blake has no choice but to tap!

WINNER and STILL World Women’s Featherweight Champion: Taya Valkyrie

Still no sign of The Opera Cup – if you have any word as to where the Cup may be, send your insight to tips@mlw.com

Atlas security has been notified to keep an extra watch for any suspicious activity regarding attacks with the mysterious calling card attacks.

EJ Nduka lets Sam Leterna know that he’ll be keep close eyes on what goes down in the Falls Count Anywhere fight between Alex Hammerstone and Richard Holliday tonight.

We see Hammerstone making his way to the ring, but sure enough a figure is watching with a calling card in hand.

Mance Warner hit the pay window and got himself a nice truck, but he’s got some intel for fans! 1-900-01-Mancer is open for business and he gives a little taste by speculating who Mads Krugger may actually be.

It’s main event time.

MLW World Heavyweight Championship
Richard Holliday vs. Alex Hammerstone (c)

Hammerstone’s ribs are taped due to Holliday’s attack but he plans to not let that slow him down. Hammer is ready to get right down to busines but Holliday uses the ropes to buy time before he gets a cheap shot in on Hammer’s ribs! He corners Hammer and stops away at the Champ’s mid-section.

Hammer, however, hits a monstrous back body drop. He tries to press Holliday, but can’t and Holliday kicks him hard in the ribs that sends Hammer to the outside. Matters play out for Hammer on the outside as he nails a vert suplex on Rich. 1-2-no!

Hammer gives Holliday a jab to the kidneys and the two brawl over to the stage and in the back. They’re fighting in a stairwell and find themselves on the rooftop!

Holliday keeps his focus on the ribs and even attempts to dump the Champion over the rooftop. Hammer fights back and boots Holliday down for two. Thankfully, the two battle back indoors and find themselves in the stairwell.

Sure enough, the two find themselves back on the stage. Hammer goes for round two and does gorilla press Holliday over the ropes and into the ring. That gets the Melrose Ballroom behind the champ!

As Hammer gets back into the ring, Holliday catches him with the patented Orton DDT. He continues to focus on the ribs.

Holliday hits a big splash for a two count and Holliday grins at the pain Hammer is in. Holliday soon removes the rib tape and begins choking the champ with it. NYC is not pleased with Rich’s actions as he shoulder thrusts Hammer in the corner. Holliday sends Hammer harshly in the corner while “Hammerstone” chants break out.

Cockiness gets the better of Holliday as Hammer seizes the opportunity to hit a single leg dropkick. Hammer rallys back with adrenaline and goes on a flurry of offense and nailing a picture perfect dropkick!

He hits a powerslam and the champ gets a two count! Holliday goes to the outside and the fight once more goes back to the stage. Hammer feeds him some forearms and the two go to the back once again. They’re fighting down a hallway and Holliday finds an errant power cable to choke Hammer out with it. He covers: 1-2-no!

We find ourselves back on the stage. Holliday aims for the 2008 but the two jockey for power. It’s Holliday who gets the better of it and nails Hammer with a piledriver! Holliday covers: 1-2-no! Holliday audibily asks “how” after that one!

Back in the ring, Holliday sets Hammer up top, putting him in a powerslam position, but Hammer reverses it with a German suplex! He then hits a massive sit-out powerbomb. He gets a two count, but momentum is back on his side.

Hammerstone is seeking a superplex up top, but Holliday hits his 2008 from up top! Holliday is dazed, but manages to eventually cover: 1-2-no! Holliday pinned Hammer before with that move, but not this time!

Holliday begins to slap and talk trash, but that only motivates Hammer. Shots are traded, but Hollidaay gets the better of the exchange with a kick to the ribs. Hammer hits a huge lariat and hoists Holliday up for a torture rack! Holliday immediataely submits!

WINNER and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Alex Hammerstone.

Hammer doesn’t have a whole lot of time to celebrate as next week he’ll be facing Bandido in the Super Series!

In a post-match interview, Hammerstone says it’s been a long time coming for Holliday as EJ Nduka comes up to congratulate Hammerstone and puts in his bid for that World Title. Hammerstone happily agrees before continuing the interview, but EJ attacks Hammer from behind once more! He beats Hammer all the way to the ring and then pulls out a table! Judge sets the table up in the ring as Hammer’s back is bleeding. EJ spinebusters him on top of the table and it doesn’t break! EJ is insensed and takes Hammmer back to put him through the table with The Verdict!

We thought we were set to see an honorable match-up between the two titans, but The Judge ruled that this fight should be in his courtroom and not the champion’s!

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