Fusion Recap: Myron Reed Meets Shun Skywalker For Middleweight Title Defense


MLW Super Series continues on Fusion as we were left questioning why Cesar Duran ditched his roster after a mysterious mass attack in the stairwell!

However, it’s a pleasant surprise when Willie Mack shows up to join commentary, who notes that he and Cesar Duran have a history back in California

La Anexion (Mark Davidson & Angel Fashion) vs. Samoan SWAT Team (with Jacob Fatu)

As per custom in a SST match, Juicy Finau and Lance Anoa’i start off dominate with Finau splashing La Anexion in the corner.

The duo from Puerto Rico show to be the SST’s most scrappy competition yet. The find an opening when Finau crashes into a guardrail. They turn their focus to Anoa’i even getting a moment to lock in a Muta Lock on him!

All that changes when Finau exerts his power and catches both men out of nowhere for his patented double Samoan. That sets Lance up to hit his Polynesian Plunge: 1-2-3!


Post-match, Fatu makes clear they’re after the gold and Fatu notes he isn’t done with Real 1. Fatu notices Mack and the two have west coast respect for one another. A friendly competition is offered and the two are down for it.

Alex Kane and his attorneys have wrapped up the Opera Cup in legal binding. We see the Suplex Assassin in the weight room and he’s spitting a whole lot of disrespect to the “American Puppy” Davey Richards, calling him a quitter. He also says that the Middleweight Champ Myron Reed will take out Shun “Trashwalker” tonight in international action.

Cut to Richards who is cool as a cucumber after training with someone specific overseas. He’s not able talk, he’s about action.

Cesar Duran and MLW CEO Court Bauer have a closed door meeting about Duran’s actions last week and the camera crew catches Duran barging out of the office. Duran is irate and Bauer does not look pleased.

Mance Warner has been more than happy to call out Mads Krugger and The Monster Mercenary is ready to bring pain to The Southern Psychopath.

Sultan Del Aire vs. EJ Nduka

The Judge has a new attitude and Del Aire gets first hand experiece of his new attitude. He makes Aire airborn several times. Aire gets some kicks in but The Verdict is laid down in the center of the ring.

EJ punts Aire’s Pikachu doll and it opens Del Aire to get to his feet, but only to hit an intense Nduka Bomb for the 1-2-3.


Post-fight, Nduka grabs a mic and tells Atlanta to shut their mouths. Hammerstone decides to return the favor of ringside brawls and takes Nduka out, but the powerful Judge immediately finds his footing and the two brawl on the stage. EJ celebrates his dominance, but Hammer shows him why he’s the champ and takes him out through the stage. Hammerstone is busted open as The Judge is laid out while officials check on the two titans!

We see Fatu getting geared up – is he considering cashing in his Battle Riot IV Golden Ticket now? After the break, we see Fatu decided against it. You can only imagine that Fatu wants a straight-up fair fight against the man that took his belt from him!

It’s updated that since Duran made his leave, MLW officials will resume the matchmaking duties.

It’s main event time.

MLW World Middleweight Championship
Myron Reed (c) (with Alex Kane) vs. Shun Skywalker (with Davey Richards)

Kane joins commentary and is astounded that Richards is ringside for the fight! It’s apparent that’s who Davey was training with earlier!

Kane says that Richards had tried to manipulate Reed and is manipulating Skywalker as the bell sounds and the fast-paced action is underway! The two reach an athletic stalemate. Skywalker pie faces Reed against the ropes before hitting a kick to the gut. Skywalker drops an elbow on Reed’s left leg and cranks on it.

Shun monkey flips Reed out of the ring and tope dives onto the Young GOAT as we head to commercial break!

Shun gets the snot out of Reed and covers: 1-2-no! Shun ties Reed up in the ropes and lariats Myron over, but Reed hits a leg drop and connects Shun with a superkick. Reed gets innovative with a rope assisted Flatliner for a two count.

Reed stomps on Shun in the corner and takes his time at hitting deliberate strikes. The tide turns with a running single leg kick! Both men are down! Skywalker gets Reed up and sets up for an underhook maneuver. Big chop by Reed, but Shun returns with strikes and a DDT. Reed is prone and tries to drive his knees into Reed with a moonsault but, Myron rolls. Shun eventually does connect and it’s a very near fall!

Shun hooks the arms once more as Reed makes himself heavy. Reed turns a suplex into a stunner as Reed gets Shun on the apron. He hits a cutter to the floor as Richards watches on. The champ gets Shun back in the ring and Skywalker hits a dropkick. He hits an SSW! 1-2-Reed kicks out!

Reed catches Shun with another cutter and the count is so close to three but Shun gets a shoulder up.

Pins are exchanged before Shun folds Reed up in a jackknife for the 1-2-3!

WINNER and NEW MLW World Middleweight Champion: Shun Skywalker

Richards comes in and fastens the belt around the waist of Skywalker. Reed is fuming and Kane expresses his displeasure to official Frank Gastineau!

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