Fusion Recap: Davey Richards Faces Dragon Gate’s SB KENTo


The contention continues between Hammerstone and Nduka as we’re a week removed from the two titans crashing through the stage! All we know at the moment is Hammerstone has a hole in his lip from the devastation!

We’re back in Title Town, USA, Atlanta, GA, for the Super Series as Cosmos makes his way to the ring!

Cosmos vs. Star Rogers

Cosmos and Rogers feel one another out and athleticism is the name of the game as a stalemate is reached. Atlanta applauds the two for their efforts.

Rogers makes a pin attempt, but Cosmos hits a solid vert suplex for atwo-countt. Cosmos comes leaping off the top with a sunset flip and catches Rogers with a pump knee!

Cosmos continues with a suicide dive thatt sends Rogers into the barricade, but Rogers is soon to return the favor! The fight continues on the outside as we head to break.

Back from it, the two are tripping one another up in the ring and Rogers turns the tide with a spinning heel kick. He cornerss Cosmos for some crisp knife-edge chops, but Cosmos is quick to do the same!

Rogers catches Cosmos with a back knee and it sets Cosmos up for a German Suplex: 1-2-kick out!

Cosmos hits a top rope headscissors that sends Rogers into the opposite corner for some harsh punches and a fight up top. Rogers hits Cosmos down with a gordbuster, but misses with the moonsault! The referee begins the count.

Cosmos drops Rogers on his head for a near fall, but a jump-up neckbreaker is nailed. The two trade strikes in the center of the ring, but a thrust kick thwarts it for Cosmos! Not for long though as Cosmos nails a Spanish fly!

Cosmos continues the offense before ascending up top, but Rogers scouts it and hits a top-rope Spanish Fly that has to have Los Maximos smiling! 1-2-3!

WINNER: Star Rogers

We have an update on Hammerstone: he received 52 stitches to patch up the hole in his lip. Out comes EJ Nduka in a parking lot. Being a former football player, The Judge criticizes Hammerstone’s tackling skills and makes fun of him for the injury! Nduka says he is “Himmy Neutron” and wants to make it known he’s got more in store for the World Champ!

Speaking of the World Title, Jacob Fatu had the opportunity to cash in his golden ticket on Hammer last week but decided against it. SST make clear they want the Tag Titles and Fatu is straight with them: as of right now all they have is each other but they gotta move quickly if they want the gold. A focused Fatu is a dangerous Fatu!

Mads Krugger is onto Mance Waner, but the Bucksnort Brawler is literally on the hunt for Krugger in the wilderness. He catches Microman trying to catch butterflies and offers an olive branch that may culminate in a beer together!

Next week, we got Lady Flammer in the main event facing Taya Valkyrie for the Featherweight Title and sure enough, Mance Warner will get his shot at Mads Krugger.

However, will anyone get their shot again at the Opera Cup? According to Alex Kane, it’s now called the “BOMAYE Cup Of The Gods,” and makes it known it’s his property.

It’s main event time.

National Openweight Championship
SB KENTo vs. Davey Richards

Dragon Gate and MLW clash once more as Richards locks up with KENTo and the two grapple it out with one another. Richards corners KENTo, but a cheap shop turns the tide, and KENTo lets loose with a series of punches. Richards regains control briefly with a dropkick, but Kento once more bends the rules by choking Davey with his t-shirt!

Kento attempts to suplex Davey on the apron, but succeeds at hitting Richards with a DDT as we cut to break!

Back from it SB hits a running dropkick in the corner to Richards! SB ties Richards in the ropes and fish hooks the Openweight Champion!

Davey fights all he can against KENTo, but the latter shows his ability to withhold. SB attempts to counter with a sunset flip and it opens up Richards to hit a double stomp!

Richards hits some sound leg kicks that The American Wolf is known for and it sets SB up against the ropes for Richards’ patented dragonscrew!

Davey goes for his double stomp, but KENTo moves. However, Davey keeps the focus and locks in a trailer hitch. KENTo struggles but makes it to the ropes.

The two are back on their feet and jock for position. KENTo nails a textbook German with a bridge and picks up a very near fall!

KENTo climbs up top and Davey scouts it out. He and SB duke it out, but Richards nails a superplex! He covers: 1-2-no!

Davey goes for an ankle lock and SB escapes. The two battle it out, Richards nails a superkick, a German suplex, and it sets up for brainbuster! Only a two count, but the relentless Wolf locks in the ankle lock and gets SB to submit!

WINNER and STILL National Openweight Champion: Davey Richards

Davey continues to raise the reputation and prestige of the Openweight Gold. Despite the contention in the match, he offers respect to KENTo and the Dragon Gate star returns that sentiment as the two bow over the belt together.

Post-match, Rich Bocchini catches up with Richards after the match and Davey notes how this wolf cut his teeth in Japan. Bocchini asks about Kane and Richards makes clear he and the Suplex Assassin are destined to dance forever. He’s coming for blood, he’s coming for his Opera Cup and he’s coming “to eat your soul.”

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