Fusion Recap: Willie Mack Makes MLW Debut To Face Jacob Fatu


We kick off the first MLW Fusion of 2023 with trios tag action as Gino Medina finally seeks vengeance against Microman! Mister Saint Laurent gives the biggest little man all the pomp and circumstance, but the stakes are totally high as whoever gets pinned in this fight leaves MLW for good!

Loser Leaves Forever

Gino Medina, Black Taurus & Mini Abismo Negro vs. Laredo Kid, Komander & Microman

Gino is still fired up from being pinned by Microman but so his the hot Atlanta crowd in attendance. Mini Abismo Negro and Komander start it off as MAN gets the better hand of the the arm drag exchange. A reset is made and it’s Komander who shows the poise next. Kommander takes MAN and in comes Gino who hits a flapjack but in comes Microman with an overhand swat! Gino keeps his focus and gets a chinlock in, but Gino challenges Microman. He locks up with Komander once more but Laredo Kid makes Gino thinks Microman is the one meddling.

Some high-flying occurs and Microman makes the flourish to give a head scissors takedown to MAN! Microman charges for a tope but Gino slides in with a low cross body!

The trio for Gino set their sights on Microman before we head to break.

Back from it, Laredo id and Komander are still recovering from the outside attacks as the focus on Microman continues. Laredo Kid gets back in and becomes the target.

It’s not long before Komander becomes the major target and the three catches Komander with a sit out inverted flapjack by Medina. It’s a very near fall.

There’s a clear infraction of the rules as the official even gets a hold in on Microman. We’re left to question whether it’s Medina or Gangrel greasing his palm.

The three tease flinging Microman over the top rope but Microman nails a rana on Gino!

All of Gino’s team find themselves on the outside and the upstart superstar Komander walks the tight rope for an amazing flipping dive!

Back from another break, Gino has control back in the ring with Laredo Kid. He hits a neckbreaker for a very close fall. LK manages to nail a forearm splash before hitting a body slam and then a series of moonsaults. Black Taurus gets involved and nails a spinning facebuster before hitting a backbreaker.

Komander comes in for the save and hits a spinning DDT on Taurus. Komander walks the ropes once more for a 450, but MAN comes in for the save! MAN hits a springboard cutter but Microman makes his own save! MAN soon gets victory rolled up by Microman. Gino comes in and gets his claws on Microman. The shady referee administers a slow three count but Microman musters up some power to kick out!

A major exchange happens between nearly all the competitors and it allows Microman to hit a splash from up top!

Komander soon goes to the outside once more and does it with a backwards rope walk moonsault!

In the meantime, Gino is pressing Microman as Laredo Kid tries to thwart those efforts. In comes Taurus for a spear but he hits Gino! Microman falls on top and gets the 1-2-3! Gino Medina is gone from MLW!

WINNERS: Microman, Laredo Kid and Komander!

Breaking News: EJ Nduka has decided to demand more money from league officials for the danger of a Last Man’s Standing match. Will MLW adhere to The Judge’s requests?

We see Ol’ Mancer backstage with Sam Leterna. He presents a gift from the Podfather Conrad Thompson and he’s ready to jam with a guitar signed by David Allan Coe!

We cut to the Samoan Swat Team! Lance Anoa’i and Juicy Finau are asking if Fatu is ready for his fight against the debuting Willie Mack. The Samoan Werewolf as all kinds of ready to roll. The main event is next.

We see Alex Kane getting a little intimate with his stolen Opera Cup. In comes Mr. Thomas who comes in with a tournament proposition but the money offer is far too low for The Suplex Assassin.

Bad news for BOMAYE as Davey Boy Smith Jr. returns, but he’s not alone – he’s bringing the second generation Billington Bulldogs with him! It’s a six man tag next week!

Main event time!

Willie Mack vs. Jacob Fatu

The fight starts and Fatu doesn’t let up as he attacks Mack in the corner with some hard strikes. Fatu hits a head butt and goes for a hip toss, but Mack shows his speed by nailing a rana to the big man! Mack then charges yet again with a leg lariat and it sends Fatu to the outside!

Mack is soon to follow and chops away at Fatu on the guardrail not once, but several times! Fatu finds himself fired up and sends Mack harshly into the guardrail! Fatu sends Mack back in the ring and hits Mack with a falling headbutt. Fatu finds a pressure point on Mack’s shoulders as the former X-Division Champion is grounded.

Fatu goes for a back body drop but Mack rolls through for a sunset flip attempt. Fatu gets the better of the exchange. Fatu digs his thumbs into the shoulders of Mack for another nerve hold.

Mack is feeding off the Atlanta crowd and manages to battle his way out, but only for more punishment from Fatu.

Mack finally turns the tide with a leaping slingblade, but doesn’t have enough to captialize on a cover. Referee Frank Gastineau begins his ten count but both men make the number at seven. Mack manages to nail Fatu with a body slam followed up by a leg drop. Fatu fights his way up in the corner to give Mack a boot. He charges, but Mack hits a Samoan drop on the Samoan Werewolf! Mack is feeling it as he hits a standing moonsault for a near fall!

Mack hits a stunner but Fatu blocks it with his hands. Fatu hits a handspring moonsault: 1-2-no!

Both men are in opposite corners before Fatu charges at Mack but the latter catches the former with an exploder suplex in the corner!

Mack then charges in with a corner cannonball. Fatu is dazed as Mack sets him up in the bottom corner. Mack sure enough nails a coast to coast dropkick!

The damage is done but Mack did some to his own hip. Mack manages to crawl over for a cover: 1-2-no!

Mack szies Fatu up and goes for another Samoan Drop, but the hip gives out. Fatu catches Mack with his Alley Uce and his Samoan Moonsault: 1-2-3!

WINNER: Jacob Fatu

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