Fusion Recap: Lince Dorado Fights For Middleweight Gold As Bulldogs Debut


MLW Fusion kicks off with Cesar Duran sauntering out and making the claim that he will once more reign again in MLW with strength and power. He excentuates that point with a mic drop.

Fusion has an in-ring mic drop for fans as we start out with Shun Skywalker defending his World Middleweight Title against Lince Dorado!

World Middleweight Championship
Lince Dorado vs. Shun Skywalker (c)

The two fighters show off their athleticism, but Shun first gets the advantage with a boot on the apron.

From there, the champ wears Dorado down with an elevated cloverleaf in the ring. He continues to focus on the back with Gory Guerrero special but Lince counters with an arm drag. He uses strikes to fight on, Dorado lariaats him down on the apron and baseball slides Shun sharply to the outside! That sets Lince up to hit a top rop plancha out of the ring! We head to break!

Back from it, the fight contineus on the canvas and hits a diving crossbody to Shun for a very near fall! 1-2-no! Lince reassesses his work as he looks to better the young Skwalker, but the champ turns the tide with a modified cutter and a near fall!

Lince chops Shun down and hits a rana, but Shun swiflty hits his SSW bomb: 1-2-kick out!

Lince is down and Shun ascends, but the former catches him up top and puts him in a tree of woe. That’s a baseball slide. A harsh brainbuster is delivered by Dorado who quickly transitions that into an armbreaker. Shun sources out his power with a Gable grip to power Lince down with a powerbomb and both men are down!

Shots are traded by both men as they fight from their knees. Shun scores in a headbutt as both get to their feets. Lince catches him with an elbow, but the long Skwalker hits a running knee. He ges an SSW attenpt, but Lince counters. He downs Shun and sees his window. Lince climbs up top and beautifully nails his shooting star press: 1-2-3! New champion!

WINNER and NEW MLW World Middleweight Champion: Lince Dorado

Post-match, Lince notes his friends and family are here. In 2007 here in Philly, he nearly died in that ring and now he stand here champion. Who spoils the party but Duran. He offers champagne, and says he and the champ will talk later.

Alex Kane is excited to hold the Opera Cup (illegally mind you) the BOMAYE boss says he’s been offered to compete all over the world and in comes Duran: “How about Mexcio?” Kane likes that notion and gets Duran to chant “BOMAYE.” The former matchmaker is sure on a recruitment process.

MLW has a special guest in AAA’s Hugo Sanovich who presents Duran with a “Booker Of The Year” award but the matchmaker doesn’t seem all that enthused. He states he doesn’t have bots, a trust fund or a daddy who died to give him opportunity, but he made his own path. He tosses the award aside all while using more than colorful language to trash the award. He introduces his latest violent client and it’s a big one: World Featherweight Champion Taya Valkyrie! The champ notes she has a long history with Duran way back in Boil Heights.

Match contract talks are still ongoing with The Judge’s attornies about getting a bigger payday for his No Disqualification match against Alex Hammerstone. We see the World Chammp noting the pressure he experienced in 2022 and says how much he wants to continue to bring himself up and the company as a whole. He says 2023 has some dream matches still on tap and that’s around the world. He’s not here just to collect a paycheck. 2023 he proves he’s here for a reason.

It’s main event time.

Davey Boy Smith & The Billington Bulldogs vs. BOMAYE Fight Club

Thomas and Mark Billington make their debut and Davey Boy Jr. makes his return to face the trio of BOMAYE. It’s baptism by fire as Mark starts off against the unprecedented Myron Reed. The two grapple up and Reed powers the young Brit into the corner and jams his elbow into the eye of Billington.

Mark does tie Myron up with a hammerlock, but Reed counters back. Mark gets the better of it and tags in Davey Jr. The Bulldog hasn’t missed a beat as he powers Reed down several times before getting the tag to Thomas. Tom gives a snap suplex and then a falling headbutt, all in honor to his late Uncle, The Dynamite Kid. Thomas connects with a diving dropkick and gets the cover: 1-2-no!

Reed tries to counter the brothers, but Thomas keeps control.

He climbs up top until Mr. Thomas pushes him off! That’s when the big man comes in.

He shows his power before tagging in Alex Kane as the former Openweight Champion makes certain to keep Tom grounded.

Back from break, BOMAYE isolate Tom on their side of the ring, but soon Davey Jr. gets the tag and slams BOMAYE down several times.

Tom tries to get Myron in the corner but a lungblower is nailed out of nowhere. Mr. Thomas hits a slingblade, but Mark Billington catches Myron and Kane on the outside.

The Union Jack trio make certain to put Mr. Thomas on Davey Boy’s shoulders up top for an avalanche Power Slam! 1-2-3!

WINNERS: Davey Boy Smith Jr. & The Billington Bulldogs

A tremendous return for DBS Jr. and an impactful debut for Mark and Tom Billington!

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