DUMPSTER MATCH! Real1 vs. Microman vs. Mance Warner vs. ?


See the first-ever dumpster match in MLW in Philly! Feb. 4!

MLW today announced its first-ever DUMPSTER MATCH: Real1 vs. Microman vs. Mance Warner vs. ? at MLW SuperFight’23 on Saturday, February 4 at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia.

🎟 Tickets start at $15 at MLW2300.com and the 2300 Arena box office. 

League officials signed off on the first-ever dumpster match in MLW history following an escalation of aggression in the war between Real1, Microman and Mance Warner… and added a twist in the form of a wild card entrant.

For months Real1 has taken to MLW TV and Instagram running down Mance Warner as trailer park trash while disrespecting Microman.

Following the shocking events at Blood & Thunder earlier this month, Real1 demanded getting both Ol Mancer and the “World’s Greatest Wonder” in the ring and now he will get his shot.

The question is, what happens if it’s the “Certified G” who gets tossed in the dumpster and sent back up i95 in a garbage truck?

Could Microman defy the odds and evade being tossed or be an easy target?

The wily Bucksnort brawler Mance Warner has an impressive win/loss record when it comes to brawls. Does he have the upper hand in a dumpster match?

The rules of a dumpster match are simple: there are no pinfalls, knockouts, or submissions. Anything goes as combatants brawl all over the arena striving to toss opponents into a dumpster and thus eliminating them from the bout. No matter how badly you beat down other wrestlers, the only way to claim victory is by fully placing them in a dumpster and locking the lid.

Who will be left standing having taken out the trash?

Find out LIVE Saturday night, February 4th at MLW SuperFight’23 in Philadelphia!

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