Fusion Recap: Fatu Fights Ben-K In International Action


The Featherweight division is amping up to start Fusion this week as Trish Adora makes her debut against another debuting Featherweight in Gia Scott!

Gia Scott vs. Trish Adora

Gia looks to start off strong and she does with a massive boot. Gia keeps control of it for a good bit of time until Adora locks in a FUBAR submission. She also gets the better of the exchange with a powerful German Suplex! She then catches her with her Lariat Tubman and it’s all arithmetic: 1-2-3!

WINNER: Trish Adora

International fighter Sam Adonis is coming soon to MLW!

TJ Crawford vs. Alec Price

Two new fighters have entered the Fusion fold as Crawford ooks to prove himself against Boston’s own Alec Price. Price has the height advantage and he was able to outsmart Crawford physically and sending him in the corner, but Crawford turns the tide with a springboard stunner. Crawford continues with hard chops in the corner.

Crawford then shows his strength and slams Price down had. Price psyches himself up with some self shots, but it’s not long before both men find themselves up top and in the corner. Price goes for a sunset flip bomb but can’t pull Crawford down. He kicks Crawford down and vaults himself up for a double stomp!

Crawford soon gets the momentum back on his side, but it’s not long before some spinning back kciks that down Crawford. Price pops up top with a spring vault cutter, he charges and delivers a surprise kick to the back of Crawford’s head: 1-2-3!

WINNER: Alec Price

Alicia Atout has a scoop regarding the upcoming World Title Fight between EJ Nduka vs. Alex Hammerstone. We’re now told that MLW CEO Court Bauer has finalized a deal that appeases to The Judge and his attorneys! Stay tuned for the date and time!

Guess what? It’s main event time.

Ben-K vs. Jacob Fatu

If styles make fights, then this battle is indeed gonna be a fight and the World Champion Hammerstone gets a front row seat for it on commentary. Hammer exchanges words with Fatu before the two fighters on the canvas gets down to business. Ben-K tries to take Fatu off his feet but it’s a fruitless effort. However, K kept at it and finally levels the Samoan Werewolf!

K soon feeds Fatu knees in the corner but misses a shoulder tackle. Fatu seizes the moment and hits a triple vault moonsault!

The fight goes to the outside and Fatu forces K into the barricade at all different angles. Fatu attempts to utilize a steel chair in the ring, but it’s to no avail. Not long until Fatu fights K once more on the outside.

Fatu wears K down with a nerve hold, but it’s the trash talk to Hammer that takes away Fatu’s focus and Ben-K catches him with a spear!

Hammerstone predicts that Ben-K is going to put Fatu in a world of hurt and sure enough, the Dragon Gate star shows his strength with an avalanche jackhammer!

That however, was one of Ben-K’s last gasps as Fatu catches K with an Alley Uce. He then nails his Samoan Moonsault and gets the 1-2-3!

WINNER: Jacob Fatu

Fatu shows his respect for Ben-K by giving him love on the mic and Ben-K is appreciative of the kind words! Fatu expresses his love for Philly, his family, and every piece of MLW gold. He makes it clear he plans to dog walk Hammer’s ass all over the 2300 Arena! Hammer shows no fear as he raises his belt to The Samoan Werewolf!

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