Tankman vs. AKIRA! Philly Feb 4!


The Heavyweight Hustle fights The “Death Fighter” LIVE in Philly

Major League Wrestling today announced Calvin Tankman vs. AKIRA at MLW SuperFight’23 on Saturday, February 4 at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia.

🎟 Tickets start at $15 at MLW2300.com and the 2300 Arena box office. 

What happens when “The Death Fighter” AKIRA and “Heavyweight Hustle” Calvin Tankman collide in the cathedral of violence that is the 2300 Arena?

A division 1 recruited football player and MMA practitioner, Tankman is a decorated MLW grappler. Pressing the action with his strength, unexpected aerial attacks and rapid- striking and submissions, Tankman welcomes the challenge and complexities of what AKIRA brings to the squared circle.

AKIRA is a new breed of fighter.

Marrying Catch Wrestling and the Deathmatch fighting style, a seemingly unholy matrimony, AKIRA has brought together Inokiism and the crazy deathmatch stigmata of Jun Kasai. He calls this dangerous blend of fighting “CATCH x DEATH”.

On a blood-splattered journey of violence and education, AKIRA has traveled to every corner of combat sports, from the world of glass and barbed wire to battling in martial arts and catch-as-catch-can. Earning an underground rep for being a dangerous combatant with an unusual ability to endure pain and convert it into momentum to triumph in battle, AKIRA is 1000% fearless.

AKIRA’s goal is to become the best in the world, defy those that held him back, and showcase a new era of fighter with a new way. The AKIRA way.

Tipping the scales at 355 pounds, Tankman predicts the heavyweight hustle will steamroll over the AKIRA. Tankman wants the money, the championships, the respect… and will get it by any means. “The Death Fighter” AKIRA welcomes this challenge.

Find out LIVE Saturday night, February 4th at MLW SuperFight’23 in Philadelphia!

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