A letter to MLW fans


MLW Underground premieres 10pm tonight on REELZ

Dear MLW Fan,

It’s been more than five years since we embarked on bringing back Major League Wrestling. During that time, we’ve introduced a new generation of wrestlers while showcasing gifted talent who had been underappreciated and underutilized elsewhere. 

Together we broke through barriers, broadcasting MLW in 60 countries and hitting amazing milestones from live specials to our new Boss Fight Studio action figures to Pay-Per-View. 

Along the way, you helped build the foundation of MLW by showing up and supporting us. Whether it’s watching us every week, coming to our shows, spreading the word on social media, buying your favorite MLW shirt or just telling a friend about us. You are the heart of MLW.

We’ve endured a lot together. From a pandemic to billionaires attempting to cripple the hard work so many have put into your league. 

For five years MLW has been the best kept secret. Our secret. All we needed was the platform. 

Now we have the platform with REELZ. Now we have an opportunity to show the world what Major League Wrestling, its roster and its fans are all about.

Tonight begins a new chapter for us. 

Tonight, and every Tuesday at 10pm MLW Underground will be on one of the top 25 networks in cable TV in REELZ. 

This moment is about more than MLW. It’s an opportunity for wrestlers, fans, and the sport of professional wrestling to usher in a challenger to the status quo. 

MLW Underground is the culmination of five years of blood, sweat and tears of MLW wrestlers, staff and crew and we couldn’t be more pumped to be here… watching it together with you on REELZ in prime time across the country.

Welcome to the Underground! See ya 10pm tonight.


Court Bauer
Founder of Major League Wrestling

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