Underground Recap: Hammerstone vs. Nduka In Last Man Standing For World Title


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“MLW Underground” begins its primetime premiere on REELZ as Matt Striker introduces “The Samoan Werewolf” himself Jacob Fatu to a packed house in Philly.

Fatu doesn’t waste “no damn time” and he says SuperFight, right here in Philly is where they’re going to do this rematch. He says the “City Of Brotherly Love” is where he gets his belt back. Not so fast, as Real1 interrupts to make sure “eeeeeverybody knows” that he’s in the house. He shows no fear to Fate but very well made grave mistake at disparaging the big man’s Samoan lineage, even calling him a “poor man’s Rikishi.” Fatu makes it perfectly clear Real1 says one more word and he’ll get that straight up beating. Real1 pokes the bear and security has to come to hold back Fatu before being escorted out of the venue.

Real1 gloats about Fatu’s “cowardice” and goes on to say he’s the rightful winner of Battle Riot IV. Suddenly the brawler from Bucksnort, Mance Warner comes out looking for a fight. Real1 bails to yuck it up at ringside as Mancer paces. 1 has plenty of smack talk for Warner, and says he’s gonna throw hands with him. He gets in the ring and official Frank Gastineau sounds for the bell.

Real1 vs. Mance Warner

Real1 bobs and weaves only to take a solid right hand and Real1 topples like a stack of dimes! The ref calls for the bell.

WINNER: Mance Warner

Post-match, Real1 is irate at what unfolded and he stumbles his way out of the 2300 Arena.

Speaking of smack talk, Alex Kane comes out with his BOMAYE Fight Club entourage, complete with his stolen Opera Cup. Kane runs his mouth with a Tony Luke’s Cheesesteak in hand and smacks a fan with the hoagie! Kane comes back for seconds as he continues to assault the fan. The Opera Cup gets hoisted as he challenges anybody in the back to a Philly Prize Fight. He’s so adamant about getting a challenger that he doubles “the brick” of bills he’s offering! Sure enough, he gets a challenger by the name of “Marvelous” Jafar, a local fighter from The Monster Factory!

“Thrilla In Phila” Prize Fight
Jafar vs. Alex Kane

Jafar makes a mistake as he gets too close to Kane and The Duplex Assassin does what he does best. Kane obliterates Jafar with five suplexes, culminating with one exploder in the corner and the referee has to protect the fighter and calls the match.

WINNER: Alex Kane

The former National Openweight Champion gives Jafar two more for good measure, but he’s not done. He wants more. Kane may have bit off more than he could chew as out comes Davey Boy Smith Jr.! However, as he makes his way to the ring out comes Myron Reed and Mr. Thomas for a surprise attack. Thankfully, out come Mark and Thomas in The Billington Bulldogs to even the odds. 

Well, Real1 is reportedly not done with Mance Warner as we get word that next week he and The Southern Psychopath will go mono-a-mono in a Street Fight!

We cut to tonight’s challenger for the World Heavyweight Title in EJ Nduka. Nduka makes it clear to Fatu that he’s going handle Hammerstone – just like he said he would.

In a hallway backstage, we see the massive Mads Krugger laid out with the mysterious calling card on his chest.

Hammerstone doesn’t wait long to respond as he’s in the BetOnline.ag Studio to tell Nduka that he’s just another guy in the locker room and he’s gonna do it for the boys in the back to prove it.

It’s main event time.

MLW World Heavyweight Championship
Last Man Standing Match

EJ Nduka vs. Alex Hammerstone (c)

Before the match begins, Nduka proudly holds up his half of the MLW World Tag Team Titles before Hammerstone makes his way to the ring. Hammer has just passed the one-year mark of his World Title reign, but The Judge wants to be certain that comes to an end tonight.

Ring announcer Tim Barr makes the official introductions as the former friends are ready to face off with one another. Philly is fully behind Hammerstone as the belt is raised and the bell sounds. Nduka wastes no time as he hits Hammer with his own title! Gastineau begins the count and Hammer answers to the count of six as he charges Nduka into opposite corners. He elbows The Judge and picks Nduka up for a Scott Hall fallaway slam! He does it again before Hammer sizes The Judge up for a lariat over the top rope! We head to a commercial break and during it, EJ has gotten hold of a kendo stick as Hammer is grounded on the outside. He continues that assault with a steel chair. Nduka back drops the champ on the apron, but Hammer finds himself to his feet at five. Judge doesn’t waste time as he plows Hammerstone into the ring post. Nduka talks trash to Hammerstone who fights his way to his feet. Hammer however, levels Nduka with a shotgun dropkick and begins to take the kendo stick to the back of his opponent. Hammerstone looks to suplex Nduka on the stage, but Nduka shows his own strength by body slamming the champ on the ramp!

Back from break, Nduka has Hammer back in the ring and sets up a board between two chairs. Nduka  has a plan in mind as he sizes Hammer up and hits an Arn Anderson spine buster through the board! Hammer looks out as Gastineau counts. He just barely makes it at nine and EJ is irate as he stomps a mudhole to Hammer in the corner. EJ goes to the outside and grabs a chain. He begins to tie Hammer’s limbs to the ring post. Nduka begins to stomp on the prone ribs of Hammer and Gastineau begins the count once more. Somehow, some way Hammer frees himself and the champ is fired up!

He begins to strike away at Nduka and catches The Judge with a flying lariat. Hammer grabs a chair as Gastineau counts The Judge down. EJ gets back up at seven and Hammer catches him crisp across the back with two chair shots before spearing EJ through a board in the corner. The count begins and once EJ hears the count of nine, EJ pops up. Hammer catches him with a bicycle kick and he hits a Nightmare Pendulum. To ensure victory, Hammer stacks all the wreckage on Nduka to secure the 10-count victory!

WINNER and STILL MLW World Heaveyweight Champion: Alex Hammerstone

Post-match, out walks Fatu who will be his next challenger at SuperFight! 

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