Underground Preview: John Hennigan enters MLW


10pm ET tonight. ONLY on REELZ

MLW UNDERGROUND WRESTLING tonight at 10et / 7pt only on REELZ | How to get REELZ

John Hennigan enters the Underground TONIGHT! The “Shaman of Sports Entertainment” has a surprise for MLW. What is it? Tune in to find out!

For the first time in 20 years a Japanese born wrestler could wear the World Heavyweight Championship… IF Japan’s number one ranked wrestler YAMATO can dethrone the mighty Hammerstone for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Can Hammerstone power through a dangerous challenge on the road to his rematch with Fatu, or will history be made as MLW sees the first title change on REELZ? It’s a high stakes inter-promotional title clash! 

Whispers and rumors about Jacob Fatu have swirled for years. What’s the true story behind the “Samoan Werewolf”? Find out as MLW gives you an all access look at Jacob Fatu on the road to his big title fight.

Real1 is a hunted man as Mance Warner vows payback after being dusted with a pair of brass knuckles last week. Will there be a hardcore reckoning for the “Certified G”? Has the “Southern Psychopath” snapped?

The momentum of the “Heavyweight Hustle” Calvin Tankman looks to pick up speed… if he can defeat Mexico’s most hated main eventer, Sam Adonis. Will Cesar Duran’s debuting Adonis make a big impact or will Tankman stomp an “L” on Adonis’ face?

Thomas and Mark Billington make their debut against The FBI. Could The BOMAYE Fight Club be waiting in the shadows for an opportune moment to strike?

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