Underground Recap: Lio Rush Returns Against Jacob Fatu, Calling Card Attackers Reveal Themselves


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This week’s episode of “MLW Underground” starts off with your World Heavyweight Champion joining Matt Striker and Joe Dombrowski on commentary for the opening headline fight that features a returning Lio Rush against the #1 contender in Jacob Fatu!

Lio Rush vs. Jacob Fatu

Lio wastes no time in making his presence known as he tope dives onto Fatu to let the “Samoan Werewolf” know he’s ready for battle.

Rush continues to exude his speed and looks to hurricanrana the massive man down, but Fatu powers him up and twirls Rush around for a jarring urange slam!

Rush soon finds his footing once more and catches Fatu with a low angle springboard cutter: he covers but it’s only good for two!

It’s not long before Fatu fires back with a thrust kick and then his patented handspring moonsault: 1-2-no!

Lio soon escapes an Alley-Uce and downs Fatu, but once he charges at his opponent Fatu pops him up and nails the move! He ascends up top for his moonsault: 1-2-3!

WINNER: Jacob Fatu

Post-fight, Fatu grabs hold of the mic and makes it known to Hammerstone on commentary that he’s coming back for HIS title. Hammer is far from avoiding confrontation and stands nose to nose with Fatu before all hell breaks loose! Security has to come and try to restore order, but can’t contain the two even between commercial breaks.

We cut to Sam Adonis and El Rudo introduces the man who has brought him into MLW, Cesar Duran who warned the world “just you wait” and his new power couple delivered in John Hennigan and Taya Valkyrie. “Johnny Turncoat” was far from above gloating as he and his Featherweight Champion wife took every moment to express their dominance in MLW.

BOMAYE Fight Club (Myron Reed & Mr. Thomas) vs. The Billington Bulldogs

Alex Kane, complete with Opera Cup, joins commentary as Myron Reed and Mr. Thomas look to take out the young Billington Bulldogs. 

The attempt to do just that as they attack Mark and Thomas from behind, but they both show their meddle by making Mr. Thomas and Myron collide with one another!

Thomas takes Myron down with a snap suplex and it sets him up for a back elbow by both him and Mark! Mark then dives on both men onto the outside as we head to break!

Back from it, Mr. Thomas takes control and Myron sends Mark into the big man who pops Mark up for a MASSIVE back body drop. 

Although young, Bulldogs divide and conquer as Thomas slam Mr. Thomas down for a bodyslam!

That’s not the biggest move of the night as Thomas soon holds Mr. Thomas up for their top rope Hart Attack! They cover: 1-2-3!

WINNERS: The Billington Bulldogs

Post match, Davey Boy Smith Jr. comes out to celebrate with his Bulldog brothers as Kane is far from pleased with what he’s seen.

Well whadda we have ovah here? Real1 is being wheeled into the 2300 Arena, and he too is not pleased. He makes it clear due to Mance Warner’s attack he plans to take MLW CEO Court Bauer to Court!

Next we see the World Tag Team Champions Hustle & Power have some words. EJ Nduka begins to state his piece as to why he nailed Lance Anoa’i with a cinderblock, but it’s Calvin Tankman who puts The Judge on trial. He levels with his partner, making it known that it’s not about just EJ, but it’s about them and the tag gold. Nduka takes pause and understands where Tankman’s “Hustle” is coming from.

We get back in the locker room with Alex Hammerstone who talks about his journey so far as World Champion and states how he wants to be synonymous with the prestige of the World Title gold.

Cut to Mance Warner who has Microman by his side. Mance is certain to say that he’s talking to these calling card attackers and gets down to business. He isn’t a fan of anyone attacking his buddy Microman. “This is Ol’ Mancer’s boy.” He issues a challenge for any one of them come out next week to take him on mono-a-mono. Heck, Mancer says bring the whole team!

Well, it’s not long until we hear from those very attackers and we finally get faces behind the card. It’s none other than…Raven and he’s not alone. He also has Akira and Rickey Shane Page at his side. “Trust In Raven.”

It’s main event time.

MLW World Heavyweight Championship
Alex Hammerstone vs. Lance Anoa’i

Apparently, Jacob Fatu is still in the building and just as Hamemrstone started the show, the Samoan Werewolf follows suit and joins commentary. Also at ringside watching from the crowd is Hustle & Power!

Anoa’i looks ready to roll as we see Hammerstone head down to the ring. 

The bell sounds and both men feel each other out before Hammerstone gets the better of the exchange and lariats Anoa’i right over the top rope.

Fatu watches on and Hammerstone happens to step out and stare down his rival. Fatu shoves Hammer and the two once more begin brawling!


Chaos once more has broken loose but this time it also involves EJ Nduka and Calvin Tankman who wants more of SST!  Order gets restored as Hammerstone holds his title high, but could it be for one of the last times?

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