Underground Recap: New Tag Champs Crowned, Mance Warner Gets Hardcore With RSP


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A big development went down last week as we all saw the reveal of the calling card attackers and it’s a group of men led none other by…Raven.

However, the new gang did not make any friends as two weeks ago they tried taking out Microman and that left Mance Warner very unhappy. Microman is Mancer’s little buddy and when they messed with him, they messed with the Southern Psycho.

Who kicked off “Underground” but Real1 as he wheeled his way out to the ring, but not without a microphone in hand of course. He wanted to get a ringside seat to see the potential dismantling of Mance.

Warner comes out on his own accord and issues some harsh words for Real1 one until we are introduced to his opponent…Rickey Shane Page. In a video, Page makes clear what his intentions are as to why everyone can “Trust in Raven.”

Hardcore Match
Mance Warner vs. Rickey Shane Page

A table of tools is laid out on the entryway and Rickey walks by to grab hold of a screwdriver. Mancer kicks it free and Rickey resorts to grabbing a chair and using it in order to bodyslam Mance down.

After that, the chair gets plenty of use and it causes Warner to don the crimson mask RSP gets tossed a knife (!) as he uses it to cut off the top turnbuckle pad! RSP continues the assault with a cheer and it takes a while for Mancer to fight back, but does so with a hardcore flip flop & fly, daddy!

Back from break, Mancer follows suit of RSP and begins throwing a bunch of chairs in the ring! He grabs holds of Kendo stick and whacks Rickey with it before tossing in a trash can and pulling out not one, but TWO boards.  Mancer sets both in adjacent corners and then puts a folding chair up. Mancer grabs hold of RSP and drops him flush onto the top of it with a neck breaker! RSP stumbles back and Mancer tackles him through the board!

Rickey shows his resiliency and vaults Mancer through the other board! The Bucksnort Brawler is in a heap as RSP covers: 1-2-no!

RSP begins setting up several chair to create his own bed of chaos, but it ends up backfiring as Mance superplexes him right on top of it!

RSP’s friends decide to  set up a table for Rickey who manages to get back on offense and sets Mance up once more for devastation. However, Mance turns the tides and DDTs Rickey right through it all!

Mance manages to muster up enough energy to get back into the ring, but Real1 comes out of nowhere to crack him with a crutch, something he clearly didn’t need! Mance feels the effects and it sets him up for a chokeslam. RSP covers: 1-2-3!

WINNER: Rickey Shane Page

Backstage, we see Billie Starks in the middle of a promo photoshoot, but Taya Valkyrie, Sam Adonis and John Hennigan decide to stir it up. It ends up paying up for the young Featherweight as she will finally get her shot at the gold! Is Taya underestimating Starkz? We’ll find out!

With Valkyrie and Hennigan, Duran already has plenty of gold under his watch, but he definitely wants more as he introduces La Estrella for World Middleweight action!

MLW World Middleweight Championship
La Estrella (with Cesar Duran) vs. Lince Dorado (c)

Lince shows exactly why he’s a champion and sends Estrella sailing to the outside with a hurricanrana!

Dorado continues to feel froggy as he nails Estrella with another one from the top rope! He covers: 1-2-no! Duran pulls Estrella to the outside.

Synergy however seems to be in the air as out from under the ring comes Microman with a kendo stick in hand! He dives onto one of the Azteca henchman before he holds Duran back with his kendo.

This buys Dorado enough opportunity to hit Estrella with a shooting star press and the cover: 1-2-3!

WINNER and STILL MLW World Middleweight Champion: Lince Dorado

We cut to Alex Kane and Mr. Thomas. The BOMAYE Fight Club is ready for business next week as Kane plans to humiliate Davey Boy Smith Jr. in two weeks time. He plans to whoop that Bulldog pillar to post and that’s on BOMAYE.

Next week, however, we have the long-awaited World Title Fight between Alex Hammerstone and Jacob Fatu. Tension has gotten immensely high between the two and they were about to get even worse with the contract signing about to take place. MLW CEO Court Bauer introduces both men and the signing itself seems to go on without a hitch. However, the World Champ thinks there’s some game afoot and it starts with Bauer, who he accuses of favoring Fatu and his affection for Samoans. Hammer says outright to Fatu that he doesn’t care who his family is and that causes another brawl between to the monsters! Can’t wait until next week!

We cut backstage as Cesar Duran seems to be on the move with his Azteca henchmen – or so we think! Those capos grab hold of Duran and abduct him! What in the world is happening?

It’s main event time and the Anoa’i family is at ringside to see SST go for the World Tag gold!

MLW World Tag Team Championship
Samoan SWAT Team vs. Hustle & Power (c)

H&P show that they don’t care about any family affairs as they attack Lance Anoa’i and Juicy Finau on the ramp!

The fight goes back and forth as the two houses in Tank and Final decide to sit down and slug it out!

Nduka catches wind of the confrontation and sends himself sailing into Finau with a senton off the apron! 

The fight finally gets into the ring, but it doesn’t provide beneficial for Anoa’i as The Judge hits him with a Verdict for the table! However, Lance refuses to quit and fights on. Tank and EJ manage to isolate Finau as Juicy makes an attempt to stack both opponents on his shoulders, but even he can’t hold all that weight. H&P send him to the ropes, but Finau nails both of them with a cross body.  Anoa’i comes off the top with a diving splash on Tank: 1-2-kickout!

Finau decides to ascend the top and EJ sends him toppling down. Tankman pounces the foot tape off Anoa’i before H&P hits a double team neck breaker to down Anoa’i! 1-2-no!

Juicy gets hold of Tank and in the ring, EJ has substance to toss at Lance. Anoa’i causes it to blow back at the Judge and Finau rolls in for a Samoan Drop. Lance then hits his Uso Splash: 1-2-3! New Champs!!

WINNERS and NEW MLW World Tag Team Champions: The Samoan SWAT Team

Post match, it indeed becomes a family affair as the entire Anoa’i family comes into the ring to celebrate SST’s landmark victory! Can Jacob Fatu follow that up next week? We’ll see what goes down for Hammer vs. Fatu 2!

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