Second Gear Crew enter Battle RIOT V in Philly

Major League Wrestling today announced The Second Gear Crew’s Mance Warner, Matthew Justice & 1 Called Manders as participants in the 40-wrestler Battle RIOT V when MLW returns to Philadelphia’s 2300 Arena on Saturday, April 8.

🎟 Grab tickets at and the 2300 Arena box office. Tickets start at $15.

Fresh off of bailing Mance Warner out of jail, Matthew Justice and the 1 Called Manders look to grab whatever isn’t nailed down and raise hell in Battle RIOT V.

Collectively known as the Second Gear Crew, there may be no tougher trio in the sport. Highwaymen known for being collectively the most dangerous group of brawlers assembled in the sport.

A certified hoss, the 1 Called Manders is known for his heavy hitting style – and leaving his adversaries in a heap of wreckage. Tipping his hat as he cracks open a beer, reminding all there are two guarantees in this life: death and lariats.

Then there’s the wildcard in the deck: Matthew Justice. Immune to fear, “Thrash” isn’t afraid to dive from a balcony or spill blood to ensure maximum carnage. Thriving on dangerous situations, when Justice is in that ring extreme annihilation is likely.

Rounding out the Second Gear Crew is ol Mancer. Throwing lariats and drinking light beers, the “Southern Psychopath” is a tough as nails brawler. Violent, unrelenting, and unpredictable in and away from the ring, Mance Warner is one of the most unorthodox southern wrestlers in the sport today.

With the Second Gear Crew now officially in Battle RIOT V, an environment perfect for such a trio, could the SGC go all the way and win the RIOT?


World Heavyweight Championship
Alex Hammerstone (champion) vs. Real1

40 wrestlers will riot in Philly as one combatant looks to outlast 39 others and earn a world title shot anytime, anywhere against Alex Hammerstone.

Battle RIOT entrants:
Jacob Fatu

John Hennigan
Willie Mack 
Alex Kane
Rickey Shane Page
Shigehiro Irie

Mance Warner

Matthew Justice
Lance Anoa’i
Sam Adonis
Mr. Thomas
1 Called Manders
Jimmy Lloyd

More entrants and matches will be announced in the coming weeks ahead at

The Battle RIOT V will air exclusively on delay on REELZ on Tuesday April 25 at 10e/p.

A mash-up of a battle Royale and anything goes street fight, this super-sized main event will feature 40 wrestlers with new participants entering the ring every 60 seconds.

There will be surprises! There will be legends! There will be WTF entries… and there will be no disqualifications!

Elimination is by pinfall, submission or by throwing an individual over the top rope.

Anything is possible in a Battle Riot!

The winner gets a World Heavyweight Title Shot anywhere, anytime! It could be that night; it could be in 6 months. The challenger has the key to unlock an instant title shot against whoever the champion is!

More athletes and matches will be announced at

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