Underground Recap: Alex Kane ‘Catches’ With Davey Boy, Real1 vs. Microman


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Fitting that Ben Franklin called Philadelphia home because electricity is in the air at the 2300 Arena for the phenomenom that is Microman. Mister Saint Laurent does the honors of introduced his mighty little client before the boos come out for his adversary, Real1. Per usual the one “eeeeeeeverybody knows” sure has a lot to say as he takes plenty of jabs at the size and stature of Microman. 

“I’m gonna put you in an incubator at St. Jude’s Hospital…”

“You’re two feet tall and you can’t teach that…”

…and “Luchadwarf” are a few of the barbs that head Microman’s way before the bell sounds.

Microman vs. Real1

Real1 immediately hits Microman with a harsh dropkick and the mighty hero is down.  Real1 rolls outside and grabs hold of a steel chair. He then wedges the chair in between the second and bottom turnbuckle. It does not bode well before we head to break.

Back from it, we see Real1 bullying MSL into holding the microphone for him. He then grabs hold of Microman and hoists him up like Simba from “The Lion King” to mock his opponent, but that backfires on him as Microman kicks free. Real1 goes to attack him but MM’s signature elusiveness comes in handy as he trips Real1 up who falls head first into the very chair he wedged in the corner!

Real1 is out stone cold as the light beer-wielding Mance Warner heads down to the ring and gives Microman a kendo stick! MM gives Real1 one solid crack before he hurries to roll his larger foe over. He covers: 1-2-3!

WINNER: Microman

Microman secures the major upset as Real1 remains motionless. Earlier on the mic, Real1 promised a stretcher and he sure got one for himself as the medical staff are seen loading him onto it. Warner pauses for a Kodak moment before Real1 is carried to the back!

The league is still reeling both from the epic battle that was “Hammer vs. Fatu 2” and the frightening aftermath when The Calling swooped down in ravenous fashion to attack the retaining World Heavyweight Champion in Alex Hammerstone. The status of the champ remains uncertain as he needed help outside of the ring, but Philly sure got the answer as out came YBH in the flesh! He addresses the attack last week and calls The Calling “evil” but he can be “evil” too and he makes it clear that he wants their best men in the War Chamber when MLW returns to New York City!

Even though it’s in the possession of Alex Kane, The 2023 Opera Cup will go down this year and we see a special preview of the upcoming series!

Serendipitously enough, we see the 2019 Opera Cup Champion in Davey Boy Smith Jr. who lets Alex Kane know that he’s gonna send off to that fantasy “Suplex Island” Kane always boasts about, but unfortunately for him, he won’t be walking around to check out the scenery!

Back to the ring action, Hammerstone will get a taste of what may be to come in the War Chamber as MLW is introduced to the visceral ring work of Akira! He enters flanked by men in gas masks as a bloody table is presented to where he grabs hold of a sickle. He grins and points at his opponent, Mike Law before sliding into the ring and wasting no time.

Mike Law vs. Akira

Law charges but Akira bonks him on the head with the brunt of the sickle before he feeds Law some stiff knee strikes and we cut to break.

Back from it, we see Law hanging over the second rope and Akira holds him as he sticks the sickle in his mouth, nearly piercing the poor man’s cheek! Thankfully, there’s an end in sight as Akira hits his reverse DDT finish for the 1-2-3.


Post-fight, the lights dim and Akira pulls out a calling card and sticks it into the mouth of Law.

Kane shows that he’s game for tonight’s fight against Davey Boy Smith Jr. as he’s hitting the heavy bag with Mr. Thomas, Myron Reed and the BOMAYE Fight Club. He let’s DBS know that he’s gonna pour his ashes into the Opera Cup after he beats him tonight and “that’s on BOMAYE! BOMAYE! BOMAYE!”

It’s been two weeks since Cesar Duran has gone missing and the power couple in Taya Valkyrie and John Hennigan channel their best Sally Struthers in an effort for people to call their 1-900-LUCHA number to help with the whereabouts of their AZTECA leader.

Lio Rush will be back in action next week but in the wheat fields is The 1 Called Manders of Second Gear Crew. He introduces himself to the league, makes it evident that he’s a cowboy looking for more gold to add to his waist! Yeehaw!

Next week, Manders will try his best to corral The Calling’s Rickey Shane Page!

It’s main event time, but before that happens we see Page and Akira beating down EJ Nduka as The Judge lays broken on the ground!

Alex Kane (with BOMAYE Fight Club) vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr. (with Billington Bulldogs)

The unprecedented Myron Reed joins commentary as the bell rings and the two men tangle in catch-style wrestling. DBS finds himself in the corner and Kane arrogantly pie faces the veteran which brings a grin to Smith’s face.

The two reset and DBS takes Kane down with several headlock takedowns. Davey feigns a handshake attempt as the tension continues to build inside the ring between the two fighters.  The two jock for position when it comes to a suplex attempt and Smith gets the better of it as he lifts Kane up for a very impressive stalling vertical!

Davey the runs at Kane who pulls the rope down and sends the Bulldog tumbling to the outside. Kane then hits a tope dive! Kane sends DBS several times into the barricades, softening him up for a devastating German suplex on the outside! Kane rolls onto the canvas briefly to break the count. He then sends DBS back into the ring with the top half of DBS’ upper body over the apron before Kane comes crashing down on him with a splash!

Back in the ring, Kane sizes DBS up before getting some shots in before nailing an exploder suplex. He takes his good time setting him up for a second one as a BFC member holds up count signs “1” and “2.” He covers but only gets a one count on Davey whose head is still clearly in the game. He physically shows that too as Kane bashes his skull against the turnbuckle, but that only fires the Bulldog up!

Kane hits a German suplex but DBS pops up to hit one of his own . This goes back and forth two more times as it’s dueling German duplexes. Both fighters are laid out as we cut to break!

Back from it, the two men exchange strikes both of the kick and fisticuff kind but neither man falters until DBS channels the offense of his Hall of Fame father for a power slam! He leads it right into a pin: 1-2-kick out! Davey wastes no time and hits Kane with a “Rude Awakening” neck breaker (complete with hip gyrations!) Kane is laid out as DBS continues to turn back the hands of time with an atomic leg drop, brother! The Bulldog ain’t done as he heads south by heading up top to hit a “Beautiful” Alabama Jammer! 1-2-no!

DBS goes to pick him back up but Kane hits a jawbreaker and then a leaping flatliner before covering: 1-2-kick out! Kane climbs up top but DBS kips to his feet and catches “The Suplex Assassin” for his father’s patented running power slam! Davey signals for the end and goes to lock in his Uncle Bret & Owen’s Sharpshooter, but Mr. Thomas pops on the apron to distract the official. Davey slugs Mr. Thomas hard and sends the big man flying but one of the BFC members hands Kane a bottle full of dark liquid. Kane splashes it in the face of DBS while the ref attempts to restore order and hits his Mark of Kane finisher and covers: 1-2-3!

WINNER: Alex Kane

Kane quickly bails out of the ring as the BOMAYE Fight Club reconvene on the entryway and they’re met by Sam Leterna who calls the winner out on the mysterious liquid that was used. Kane plays it like no such thing occurred as eh and his Fight Club walk off.

We cut to a Philly bar as Mancer Warner, Manders and Matt Justice are enjoying a couple light beers. Warner hopped behind the bar to play the bartender as who comes by but Alex Hammerstone. He’s strikes up conversation with SGC as Mancer offered him a beer or protein shake, but Hammer politefully declines both. Always one to level, Mance makes it known that they have an interest in kicking ass and pitches the idea that SGC join Hammer in fighting The Calling at War Chamber. Hammerstone sure likes that idea as they all do the “YBH lighting pose.” The bonding moment is put on hold as Mancer reveals he didn’t actually pay for these beers and the Hammer Crew head on out!

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