Big Apple Grapple 2 this Thursday on Fusion

Thursday 8pm on YouTube and FITE+

Alex Kane offers up cold, hard cash to anyone in the five boroughs who can knock off the Battle Riot winner and shake up the league as The Bomaye Fight Club presents The Big Apple Grapple II: The Search for more Hoes.

With the clock winding down to his World Heavyweight Championship fight with Hammerstone at Never Say Never July 8 on FITE+, Kane looks to showcase his talents in the Big Apple… but what happens when Hammerstone is in the house?

PLUS, who is bankrolling The Bomaye Fight Club? Rumor and innuendo swirl around the captain of the Bomaye Fight Club. An exclusive exposé shines light on a list of unusual suspects.

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Scramble match added to July 8 in Philly

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