Fusion Recap: Alex Kane’s ‘Big Apple Grapple 2’


MLW Fusion begins with taking a look back at the brewing rivalry between Mance Warner and Sam Adonis as the two have basically been brawling since Battle Riot V. However, it all got escalated when Adonis and John Hennigan chose to choke Mancer out with a belt right in the middle of the ring. Mance ain’t never one to back down from a fight so he decided to challenge Adonis to a leather strap match and it’s set to go down tonight.

However, before that, we’re introduced to the newest member of The Calling in the “new” Mandy Leon!

Clara Carreras vs. Mandy Leon (with Raven)

Mandy is quick to show her new ruthless style as she gets on the offensive and flings Carreras by her hair.

In spite of the potential dissection by Leon (and help from henchmen at ringside), Carreras does manage to get Mandy down on the mat just in time to beautiful frog splash. Typically a move that would keep any featherweight down but Mandy manages to shoulder up at two.

Carreras is so caught off-guard she can’t keep her focus and Mandy catches her with a sit-out pump handle: 1-2-Mandy lifts the head of Carreras: she’s not done.

She picks Clara up before staring at Raven and you can see her mouth “Quote the Raven” before planting Carreras down with a Raven Effect DDT. 1-2-3.

WINNER: Mandy Leon

Clara is laid out as Raven and his henchmen hop onto the apron. He hands Leon a card and she places it in the mouth of Carrares.

Mance Warner is seen with Matt Justice awaiting 1 Called Manders in the parking lot, but the Cornbelt Cowboy was running a little late cause he has a gift for Ol’ Mancer: a leather strap! Mance is more than pleased and gives his SGC comrade one big hug.

It’s all about paying it forward as who walks up but SST. There’s a clear cut mutual respect between the two crews and Juicy and Lance make that clear. Mance makes the request that perhaps they give SGC a Tag Titles match and the champs are happy to oblige. It’s on next week!

Last week, Alex Kane invited the champion Alex Hammerstone to his “Big Apple Grapple” and sure enough, Hammer is at the building!

Two fighters who are outside of the building is Willie Mack and Microman! The two are bonding over a box of Dunkin’ Donuts on a park bench as Mister Saint Laurent enters the picture. He’s upset that Microman is eating food from a non-sponsor and grabs the donut holes for “evidence,” Mack is perplexed at the exchange and knows something is up with MSL’s priorities.

It’s time for the strap match!

Leather Strap Match
Sam Adonis vs. Mance Warner

Sam is swift to get the early offense in. He catches Mance in the corner with some quick kicks before using the momentum of the the strap to bounce Mance off the ropes and lay him down with a harsh lariat.

Mance does manage to battle back but Adonis catches him with an elbow on the apron. He ascends up top and utilizes the strap to add extra “oomph” when  delivering his patenting “old school” blockbuster!

Back from a break, Adonis continues to wear down Mance by wrapping the strap across the mouth and wearing him down.

However, Adonis climbed to the top turnbuckle one to many times and Mance pulls him down by the strap before delivering a flurry of chops and strikes. He runs at the ropes and returns with a lariat of his own that sends Sam to the outside. Mance slides under and smoothly executes a neck breaker on the floor.

Mance is soon to look for plunder and sure enough, finds an extra ring board laying under. He gets back in the ring and sets it up in the corner. However, the way the strap is situated is where Adonis can give it a tug and let Warner go up a couple octaves. Adonis is furious and repeatedly slaps Mancer across the face!

Adonis has touched two corners as Mance does a little flip-flop and fly to him. Mance touches one corner. Sam is caught in the opposite side but hits his third corner. Mance gets Sam down and hits that same corner before dragging him over and getting his third too. Both men have taken different paths  and the corner each need to hit are on opposite ends. Mance tries to pull Adonis over to his side, but goes for broke and tackles Sam through the board, but Adonis gets his hand up enough to touch his corner and he picks up the victory!

WINNER: Sam Adonis

Mancer is not pleased at the loss, but we’re sure to hear from him later on. However, the league has done an expose. On who may potentially bankrolling the BOMAYE Fight Club. Joe Dombrowski reads off three initial culprits and they include Dan Lambert, Shane Taylor and Wale. As much as any of those three would make “cents” they’ve been ruled out. The league hopes to have an update next week!

We do catch up with Mance Warner backstage and he does have plans in mind for Adonis. He wants the Azteca Lucha Rudo in a country whippin’ match!

A scary situation follows as the new Featherweight Champ Delmi Exo is being interviewed by Sam Leterna before Taya Valkyrie comes and and absolutely ambushes her from behind. She throws some harsh punches, but then takes Delmi’s head and plants her foot on the back of it before stomping it right off the stage floor! Security and EMTs are quick to rush in as Valkyrie is pulled away. She makes clear that Exo has to have a rematch with her in the next 30 day and “wishes her luck” with a broken neck.

It’s main event time as Kane has been searching for “more hoes” for his Big Apple Grapple. Who will answer his challenge for the big bag of money? It’s Dragon Gate’s Shigehiro Irie!

Big Apple Grapple 2: The Search For More Hoes
Alex Kane vs. Shigehiro Irie

Irie is aggressive enough to show he isn’t messing around and gives a harsh headbutt to Kane as it sends him off his equilibrium!

Irie continues to show his strength as he hits Kane with a powerful vertical suplex.

Momentum is figuratelvy and literally on the side of Irie who catches Kane sitting on the apron and charges at him with cross body that sends both into the barricade at ringside. Irie gets him back onto the canvas, but takes too much time to interact with the fans. He slides in the ring and nails Kane with a cannonball in the corner! 1-2-no!

Kane ends up keeping his cash after nailing Irie with a Mark Of Kane suplex and gets the definitive 1-2-3.

WINNER: Alex Kane

Post-fight, Kane calls out Hammerstone and the champ answers. He says if Kane is as good in the ring as he is at running his mouth than he’d been champ six months ago. Both men take some live rounds on the mic at one another but officials are sure to step in and make sure it doesn’t get to fisticuffs. This is  surely going to boil over on July 8 in Philly!

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