Fusion Preview for July 5, 2023


Streaming tonight

Special time and day!

MLW FUSION tonight at 7pm ET headlined by The Samoan SWAT Team vs The Second Gear Crew in a Hardcore match for the World Tag Team Championship, streaming on MLW’s YouTube channel and FITE+, Friday on beIN XTRA and Saturday on Cable TV’s beIN SPORTS (find a provider). 

  • The Samoan SWAT Team vs The Second Gear Crew – Hardcore match for the World Tag Team Championship
  • AKIRA vs Lince Dorado – World Middleweight Championship
  • Mandy Leon vs Billie Starkz

The final stop on the road to Saturday’s Never Say Never live special on FITE+ is here!

The Samoan SWAT Team put their dominant reign over the tag team division to task as Lance Anoa’i and Juicy Finau wage war with The Second Gear Crew in a Hardcore match for the World Tag Team Championship! 

Can the combined finesse of Juicy’s unmatched power and Lance’s crisp offense overcome professional wrestling’s dangerous highwaymen, or will Ol’ Mancer and 1 Called Manders spill blood and brawl their way to their first taste of championship gold in the league?

As the clock winds down to Never Say Never this Saturday on FITE+, Hammerstone and Alex Kane are in the house. Both champion and challenger will address the media for the final time ahead of their World Heavyweight Championship showdown this Saturday night.

Plus, rumors and innuendo of a shadowy power broker backing The BOMAYE Fight Club continue to cast a cloud over Never Say Never’s main event. Who could the mysterious backer be? Part 2 of MLW’s exclusive expose airs tonight!

“The World’s Greatest Wonder” Microman is on the scene with his jovial buddy Mister Saint Laurent. With it being Microman-Day in the city, Saint Laurent promises a big surprise for his little amigo. 

The Calling’s “Death Fighter” AKIRA puts his newly won World Middleweight Championship on the line against former champ Lince Dorado in a rematch. Can Lince get lucha lit once again, or will the infamous calling card definitively claim Dorado as a victim?

After being on the receiving end of The Calling’s horrifying “gift” last week, Billie Starkz steps into the ring with Mandy Leon. Can Starkz stop The Calling’s attempted stranglehold over the Featherweight division dead in its tracks, or will Mandy turn Starkz into her own personal human horror show project? Tune in and find out!

PLUS: Davey Boy Smith Jr and more!

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