Mr Thomas vs. J Boujii Saturday in Philly

The match is a part of the FUSION portion of the card. 

Tickets Now Available at

MLW today announced the first-ever Bomaye Fight Club tryouts featuring Mr. Thomas vs. J Boujii (candidate) at the FUSION TV taping portion of this Saturday’s Never Say Never event at Philadelphia’s 2300 Arena.

🎟 Grab tickets at and the 2300 Arena box office. Tickets start at $15.

The revolution has been ignited and the captain of the Bomaye Fight Club has put out the call. Alex Kane and his mysterious business partner have green lit an “aggressive expansion” of the fight team. 

A call has gone out to some of the brightest and most promising in the game to join “the emerging greatness here at the Bomaye Fight Club,” states Mr. Thomas… and J Boujii has requested an opportunity to be a candidate. 

Now J. Boujii must test his talents against the power and tenacity of Mr. Thomas, the enforcer of the Bomaye Fight Club.

Will J. Boujii show he has the excellence to be in the BOMAYE Fight Club when he squares off against Mr. Thomas?

The match is a part of the FUSION portion of the card. 

Get your tickets and see it go down Saturday, July 8 in Philadelphia at

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