Fusion Recap: Kane Speaks, Double Champ Delmi Exo Defends & Mack vs. Rush vs. Hennigan


Alex Kane told everybody this day was coming. He knocked every barrier down. He won the Openweight Champion, (Oprah) Cup, #1 in Battle Riot V, and now Hammerstone. He says Hammerstone still didn’t earn his respect, but what Kane did is he took the keys by force. Hammer tapped out. He may come back for another challenge and he will do it again. This is Alex Kane’s empire and that is ON BOMAYE! BOMAYE! BOMAYE!

Taya Valkyrie is set for her rematch against Delmi Exo, but Taya is the “craziest b*tch you’ll ever meet and I’ll prove it tonight.”

Sam Leterna is standing by Double Champ Delmi and although she was attacked by Taya two weeks ago, the new champ is gonna make she sends La Wera Loca back to Jacksonville

MLW World Featherweight Championship
Taya Valkyrie (with John Hennigan) vs. Delmi Exo (c)

John Hennigan joins commentary at ringside as the two fighters lock up.

Delmi corners Taya and charges, but Taya bails. Exo adjusts and hits a baseball slide. However, Taya is resilient and slams her against the apron before breaking the count for more pain. She electric chair drops Delmi on the apron as we cut to break!

Back from it, Taya dolls out more pain to Delmi. She wraps Delmi on the top rope and delivers some Belts Of The Bowery, but Delmi avoids an attack and unleashes a flurry of strikes. Demli gets a near fall with a modified buster and then hits a boot to the face. Two near falls for the double champ.

Big shotgun dropkick up top from Delmi and she gets another close fall.

Taya catches her in her vicious curb stomp and that’s the move that put Delmi out until Never Say Never. Valkyrie does the same thing in the corner to Delmi: 1-2-no!

Taya hoists her up for the Road To Valhalla and Delmi rolls through for a pin: 1-2-no!

Delmi catches Taya for a Delmi Driver attempt which causes John to stand up , but Taya reverses.

Hennigan still gets on the apron but Taya knocks him off – another pin for a near fall! However, Delmi shows her development when she catches Taya in a headscissors and locks in a Fujiwa Armbar. Taya struggles but she taps!

WINNER and STILL MLW World Featherweight Champion: Delmi Exo

Last week, MSL turned on Microman along with Davey Boy Smith Jr. and now he finds himself involved in the MLW Draft in a big way when “Major Player” Matt Cardona was picked.

The wrestling world shook when Don King was shown to be the backer behind BOMAYE Fight Club and we cut to Sam Leterna who is standing outside Court Bauer’s office. Yelling is heard behind the door before Court walks out and says, “Never do business with a crook like Don King.”

We saw Matt Cardona and Kevin Blackwood get drafted, and now the third overall pick in the MLW Draft is revealed: it’s O’Shay Edwards. A big man who has ties to BOMAYE made an appearance during the Battle Riot V match, but now he is officially under the league banner!

Ken Broadway vs. TJ Crawford

If you want to see an evenly contested match, this is one to tune in to. TJ maintained control for a good part of the fight before Broadway literally turned TJ inside out with a lariat. Broadway continued to exert his power by hitting a spinout flatliner: 1-2-no! 

“Broadway” chants appropriately echo throughout New York, but Crawford wants to turn that tide. TJ kicks the mouthpiece out of Broadway before laying him down with a sit-out pump handle: 1-2-no!

Broadway hits a defiant shot to Crawford, but TJ bounces back with a springboard stunner: 1-2-kickout.

Broadway kicks Crawford in the throat before hitting an elevated Travis Plex: 1-2-3!

WINNER: Ken Broadway

Lio Rush vs. Willie Mack vs. John Hennigan

Mance Warner makes his way down to join commentary. Mancer makes clear he respects Mack and Rush in the ring but Hennigan? That’s another story. Hennigan proves his point when he and Lio bail instead of fighting with Mack. Sure enough, Sam Adonis tries to get involved but Willie pops him. Hennigan hit a double back elbow on Mack and the two gang up on Willie. They kick Mack out of the ring and Lio tries to roll Hennigan up: 1-2-no!

Both men feign handshakes with one another before kicking eachother at the same time.  As the two exchange offense, Willie gets back in and regulates, including a massive Pounce that sends Lio sailing! Hennigan kicks Mack in the back of the head to down the big man, but not for long.

Mack nails Hennigan with a Samoan Drop before kipping up with his signature standing moonsault

Mack looks to do the same to Lio but Rush turns it into a poisonrana and gets a near fall!

Lio climbs up top for some aerial assault but Mack moves. Lio charges, but Mack pops him up for an emphatic elbow that makes all of Melrose Ballroom wince!

Hennigan now goes on the attack and rolls Mack up for a near fall. He punches away at Willie before getting a camel clutch in. Lio soon gets in to try to form another alliance but Hhennigan super kicks him out of the equation!

Mack chops away at John in the corner before thwarting Hennigan’s springboard attempt. Lio topes both opponents on opposite sides of the ring before going for a frog splash on Willie. He moves and Mack nails a stunner! He does the same to Hennigan but, Sam Adonis interferes. However, much like Taya earlier in the evening Hennigan knocks Sam off and Mack rolls him up: 1-2-3!

WINNER: Willie Mack

Mance leaves commentary to celebrate as Mack is on a roll. What does the summer have in store for the Mack?

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