Fusion Recap: Alex Kane Competes, Willie Mack In Trios Action


Once again MLW Fusion heads south of the border as Alex Kane and many are looking for some international action. However, the show starts off with Sam Leterna speaking with the number one contender in Willie Mack. 

Mack makes his intentions clear, but is interrupted by Kane himself. The Champ talks a little too much trash, calls Mack a “hoe” and gets slapped in the mouth for it. Kane drops and Mack goes on the assault before the two are separated! Kane apparently had the afternoon to recover in time for his upcoming non-title fight against an unpredictable member of The Calling!

Alex Kane vs. Delirious

The wildcard of The Calling comes out solo but so does the champ and Delirious uses some unorthodox evasive tactics.

He shows Kane that he’s plenty game to face off against the World Heavyweight Champion as he gets a lot of offense in, including a crisp leaping calf kick and then nailing Kane with a big time lariat.

Kane clearly shows why he’s champion however when he hits an exploder pump handle and eventually pops Delirious so hard he may need dental work. A powerbomb eventually keeps Delirious down for the 1-2-3!

WINNER: Alex Kane

We cut to Matt Cardona, who has some sharp accusations for Mance Warner ahead of their Kiss My Foot match at Fury Road on September 3. He says he’s seen Mance’s feet and knows what hooves he has. Plus he says he’s a “shower dodger.” Him and Mister Saint Laurent will show The Southern Psycho why he’s THE agent.

Next we see Willie Mack who describes his hard yet rewarding journey into pro wrestling. All the stuff that Mack has persevered through, he shouldn’t be doubted. Not by Kane, not by anybody.

Delmi Exo is another one to open up to the league about her young career in the business. She notes how she started off as a tag team with her sister, Ashley Vox as The Sea Stars, before becoming The God Queen and securing singles gold in Major League Wrestling.

Someone who is more than open is B3CCA who expresses her displeasure of Delmi’s absence to a league official that states the Double Champ is in Germany. B3CCA wants her title shot so she can prove she’s the true blue international pop star.

We’ve been through five whole rounds of the MLW Open Draft and round six is TONIGHT. The new name to enter the league in a multi-year deal is Ichiban!

It’s main event time.

Willie Mack, Jack Cartwheel and Myzteziz vs. Skalibur, Dinamico and Genio del Air

This match doesn’t start off the way many would expect as Mack stops the bout and a lengthy break dance goes down as Tijuana is digging Mack’s moves all the way through commercial break!

Back from it, he does The Worm, the reverse Worm but thats when Danger, Dinamico and Genio all stomp away at him. This is where the chaos starts.

MLW gets its first experience with Jack Cartwheel as the 22-year-old upstart shows his unique ability to not only evade, but create an offense that compliments his partners. Myzteziz is no stranger to athleticism either and nearing the end of the fight is set up perfectly for a hurricanrana off the ropes. It’s Cartwheel who ends up getting the W after a devastating phoenix splash for the 1-2-3!

WINNERS: Willie Mack, Jack Cartwheel and Myzteziz

Mack sure has got some good momentum heading into Fury Road after that win, but a duo who doesn’t is the Samoa SWAT Team. Juicy Finau and Lance Anoa’i are walking out of the building when The Calling traps Finau inside and then ruthlessly assault Lance as the camera cuts!

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