Fusion Recap: Alex Hammerstone Returns To Action Since Never Say Never


MLW Fusion fires off once again from south of the border as there’s two fights set to go down tonight in Tijuana, but before we see the return of Alex Hammerstone, Raven, Rickey Shane Page and The Calling have some chilling words for SST and Jacob Fatu after their violent attack against Lance Anoa’i.

Hardcore Tag Team Match
Los Macizos vs. Lucha Solos vs. Anton Carrillo & Extassis

We get a good dose of extreme fighting and the lucha libre violence with triple tag action and do the three teams bring it in this bout. Athleticism and high-flying causes the match to spill quickly to the outside before weapons get introduced and it includes a ring board, a hood of a car and later on, a pane of glass. 

Lucha Solos ended up making the most of the ring board as the two put Los Macizos through it with a Doomsday Device blockbuster! Solos also saw an opportunity when Los Macizos set up the car hood to senton the duo right on top of it!

However, Los Macizos got the last laugh as they brutally super powerbombed Carrillo through the glass to secure the pinfall win.

WINNERS: Los Macizos

MLW production is interrupted by Love, Doug who leads the camera man over to the women’s locker room. He knocks and who answers but his “love” B3CCA. He presents her with a handcrafted Spanish guitar (made by cherubs, mind you). B3CCA contemplates before accepting the gift and gives LD a glimmer of hope of hanging out before slamming the door on him.

We happen to see a set of old clocks followed by some digitized timers that look like they were pulled from a Ridley Scott film before the camera cuts. One can only guess time will tell with this one.

SGC have been partying hearty in Tijuana and Ol’ Mance Warner just wants one more night of partying with the crew but this time he wants to party with the biggest drinker of their crew: Microman.

Someone who isn’t in the mood to party is Jacob Fatu. He questions the level that The Calling, RSP and Raven are ready to fight him as he promises that the body count will begin to rise for the group.
Next up, it’s main event time, but before that we’re told to get ready to “enter the realm” as “worlds collide” here “soon.”

We see Willie Mack. Alex Kane and BOMAYE may have his people, but Mack has his own too – the fans. He plans to show that to the AEW World Champ on September 3 at Fury Road.

Danny LimeLight Rivera vs. Alex Hammerstone

Before the bout even begins, Rivera goes on a two-minute diatribe saying some harsh remarks to Tijuana before saying that Konnan called him to come back to MLW and that he wanted to right to the top. He continues to trash TJ (BIG TIME) before telling Hammerstone get his muscled-up self out there.

Hammerstone obliges and despite being without the World Title Hammer looks ready to roll. The camera cuts once again to The Calling. We see Rickey Shane Page and Akira. They express their hunger and the two want a steak. Raven tells Dr. Cornwallis to cook the meat. He does so with a blowtorch. Akira says that it just smells like the burnt flesh of Lance Anoa’i.

LimeLight has put on significant muscle in his MLW return and it’s not long before he attempts to take the legs out from under Hammerstone. Hammer, however remains resilient powering Rivera and catching him after some harsh knee strikes for a gorilla press!

Rivera still continues to try to use his speed and aerial ability to catch Hammer off guard, but gets caught once again for a spin-out slam!

The bullish LimeLight doesn’t relent in the game plan and tries once more for an off-the-top move, but Hammer catches him a third time and wags his finger. He hoists LimeLight up and slams him down for the Nightmare Pendulum: 1-2-3.

WINNER: Alex Hammerstone

The former World Champion gets a victory on his return match back, but what’s next for YBH?
We sure know what’s next week as not only will we get Jacob Fatu vs. RSP but we’ll have the Opera Cup finals as Davey Boy Smith Jr. takes on Tracy Williams!

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