Fusion Recap: Fatu vs. RSP, Tracy Williams vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr. In Opera Cup Finals


Tonight is the night – the 2023 Opera Cup Finals. Both Tracy “Hot Sauce” Williams and Davey Boy Smith Jr. punched their ticket to earn the right to hoist the trophy high and we’ll get that in the main event of Fusion tonight.

However, another score has to be settled over a cherished prize as Jacob Fatu puts his National Openweight Title on the line against Rickey Shane Page. After the brutal attack to Lance Anoa’i, Fatu has had extra incentive to seek retribution against RSP, Raven and Akira.

National Openweight Championship
Jacob Fatu (c) vs. Rickey Shane Page

RSP takes his time to the ring, selecting his weapon of choice from the bloody table, but Fatu wastes zero time in attacking him at ringside and the fight is underway.

RSP finds himself flat on his back as Fatu leaps off to nail an early top rope senton! It’s only good for two, but the early damage has been done.

Resiliency is shown from RSP as he manages  hit a running cross body to down Fatu. He then captures Fatu for a scoop slam that includes a steel chair!

Page continues to incorporate the steel chair in his assault by hitting a drop toe hold on Fatu, but that only fires the Samoan Werewolf up. The chair is soon laying on it’s side as Fatu pops a bloody RSP up for a Samoan Drop right on top of the chair! Absolutely devastating.

The battle continues and a table gets presented into the bout which ultimately finds Fatu on the receiving end as RSP leaps from up top to crash through Fatu!

Even with the rules being bent, the two fighters can’t be controlled as is evident when the fight goes to the outside once again. Referee Frank Gastineau tries to restore a semblance of order, but RSP shoves him down and he has no choice but to call for the bell.


Even after the bell sounds Fatu and RSP can’t be stopped and they continue to fight past Raven and to the backstage area!

Speaking of backstage, Sam Leterna is standing by with Tracy Williams. He wants to prove to everyone that he is professional wrestling by beating Davey Boy Smith Jr. and becoming the 2023 Opera Cup Champion. “The onus is on me,” he says.

Since there was no winner to the National Openweight Title fight, it’s been announced by league officials that Rickey Shane Page will face Jacob Fatu once again on September 3 in Philadelphia in a Weapons of Mass Destruction match!

Additionally, we see Matt Cardona in his swimming pool. He makes it known that Mance Warner should be ready to kiss his toes on September 3. He’s there for the money and he plans to hit that pay window.
Leterna stays busy backstage as she tries to get a word in with Delmi Exo before her fight tonight, but leave it to B3CCA to interrupt. Delmi dismisses the pop star and goes to face her opponent for tonight Paris Van Dale.

Paris Van Dale vs. Delmi Exo 

Delmi makes a statement early on in the fight as PVD tries to chop the champ, but she fires back with some repeated chops of her own. Delmi follows up with a patented Anglerbuster for a two count.

Paris soon controls the pace before Delmi hits a Samoan drop for a near fall.

Delmi goes for the Delmi Driver, but PVD blocks it … at first. Delmi ends up hitting her finisher and gets the 1-2-3!

WINNER: Delmi Exo

As Delmi celebrates on the entryway, down comes B3CCA with the guitar gifted to her by  Love, Doug and she cracks the champ with it! B3CCA certainly has her eyes on Delmi’s gold as she looks to stand atop of the Featherweight division.

It’s main event time.

2023 Opera Cup Finals

Tracy Williams vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr. (with Mister Saint Laurent)

The bell sounds and Williams wants all of DBS. He sure gets it as Smith shoves him down harshly and flexes. Davey soon wrenches the arm of Tracy who rolls through for a standing switch and gets him in a crucifix for  pin attempt. The two reset. DBS converses with MSL before tangling up and DBS soon bails to the outside. Tracy follows and continues the offense. However, Davey nails a snap suplex onto the outside.

As we return from break, the fight is still ont he outside but Tracy catches him stepping in the ropes and attacks the knee. Williams wrenches the left foot of DBS as he struggles to escape. Davey tries for a sharpshooter, but Tracy trips him up with attacking the knee. A rough dragonscrew downs Davey.

He soon goes for another one, but DBS channels his late Uncle Owen with an enziguri!

Both men get to their feet and duke it out. Williams nails a modified Angle slam and gets on the attack. He soon wows the Philly with a grounded octopus stretch and tries for anothe crucifix pin for a two count.

Williams goes for a suplex but Davey Boy reverse it for one of his own. Davey hits an atomic leg drop and ascends up top. Big guillotine leg drop and follows up with strong cover: 1-2-kick out!

Williams fires back with a jawbreaker and a back elbow, but DBS catches him for his late father’s running powerslam! However, pain surges through his leg before covering: 1-2-foot on the ropes!

Davey goes for another poweslam, but Tracy rolls through with a head scissors and gets an anklelock in!

Davey escapes and hits a snap powerslam for two!

He hits a massive underhook powerbomb and he transitions that into a crossface for the submission win!

WINNER and 2023 OPERA CUP CHAMPION: Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Post-match, Davey Boy Smith disparages Philadelphia and claims how greatness follows him with the Opera Cup as he continues to seek World Title gold in MLW!

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