Fusion Recap: Look Back At Alex Kane’s Historic Title Win Before Fury Road


Three weeks ago Alex Kane was in Big Bear, California. He notes of some of the greats who trained there including “Iron” Mike Tyson. He may be far away from home, but even his wife understands what Kane needs to do to destroy every competitor that gets close to him. This win at Fury Road is “on BOMAYE.”

The challenger Willie Mack has a response for the champion who has been doubting him ever since. Mack says it was pretty easy for him to grow up in South Central LA. He’s been used to hardships that stem all the way from St. Louis. He opens up about the personal hardships he went through with the support of his foster mom. He realized his passion for pro wrestling at a young and he knows Kane will see that come to fruition this Sunday at Fury Road.

This week we take a look at some key matches that have these two men clashing in Philadelphia.

MLW World Heavyweight Championship
Alex Kane vs. Alex Hammerstone (c)

Philadelphia is all behind “BOMAYE” “Kane’s club” comes down to the ring as rapper Lacy The Great raps him to the ring. Kane is all intensity for his fight as he gives Lacy props. The long-reigning champion comes out to a polarizing reaction, but Hammerstone is in no foreign territory as the champ embraces it. He doesn’t even throw his shirt out to the crowd and grins at Kane.

The introductions are made and the bell sounds.  These two have traveled such similar paths as both men lock up. Hammer shows his power before Kane goes for his grappler background with the ground game.

They continue to lock out as each fighter wants to out exert each other. It’s becoming a real chess match. Hammer cinches in a headlock, but then so does Kane. Although never facing one another, the two fighters seem to know each other’s game so well. Kane goes to get a rear naked choke on Hammer, but the champ uses momentum to dump him out. He then hits a belly to back on the apron.

The fight continues in a rough way as Hammer and Kane resort to brawling with hard strikes at ringside to one another. Hammer sends Kane into the post, gets back in the ring, and rolls back in to embrace that reaction. He then hangs Kane over the apron and continues to strike away at Kane before slow clapping and hitting a bicycle kick to Kane’s skill.

Back in the ring, Kane finds an opening and hits a spinning elbow with a leaping clothesline. It’s now Hammerstone hung over the apron and hit hits a body splash to the champ! Hammer struggles to his feet as Kane charges at him with three elbow strikes before hitting a big suplex. His eyes are on Hamer as Philly begins to heat back up behind BOMAYE.  Big German suplex from Kane: 1-2-no. He hits another one. 1-2-no again!

Kane goes to the dragon suplex and Hammer’s eyes widen as he knows he’s in trouble, but the momentum charges him up and he fights back! Hammer breaks through Kane’s clotheslines and lariats him down! He shakes the ropes in the defiance of Philly! Big body splash in the corner to Kane, Kane boots Hammer, but Hammer hits a power slam!  1-2-no!

Hammer catches Kane with a burning hammer but that’s still not enough!

Hammer is fed up and signals for the end, Kane rolls him up for a school boy and it buys him some time to hit a jumping flatliner. Kane gets him in a sleeper. Hammer is fading but he fights on and grabs the rope.

Back his feet, Hammer hits a massive choke slam and covers for two.  He’s steaming after the near fall and grabs Kane to talk trash. Kane strikes hims and hits a Kane Maker angle slam. Kane covers but Hammer gets to the rope and the challenger is frustrated too.

Soon, Hammer signals for a Nightmare Pendulum, but calls an audible gets him hoisted up top for a superplex Alex into a Nightmare Pendulum, but Kane reverses it into a standing gordbuster! Kane however, does get caught with the Nightmare Pendulum, but the ring awareness of Kane allows him to rolll out of the ring!

Hammerstone wastes no time and gets Kane back in the ring, and as Hammer steps back in over the middle rope, Kane kicks the rope and crotches Hammer on it. Big gut wrench suplex from up top and Kane covers: 1-2-kickout! Kane contemplates his next move. However, Hammer hits him with a German and a big power bomb. Hammer goes for Nightmare Pendulum #2, but Mr. Thomas hops on the apron. Hammer stares him down and Kane charges but it ends up knocking Mr. Thomas off. Big dropkick to Kane, but Kane gets him in a small package – kick out by Hammer, both men get to their feet and Kane gets him him a rear naked choke! He gets the powerful Hammer down and cinches in. Hammer is struggling to stay conscious but he has no option. The Champion taps!

WINNER and NEW MLW World Heavyweight Champion: Alex Kane

The BOMAYE Fight Club crew swarm the ring and hoist Kane up on his shoulders! Kane gets on the mic and let’s the world know that “BOMAYE is for THE PEOPLE!” It’s a new era for Major League Wrestling and that’s on BOMAYE!

We see footage from two weeks ago as Alex Kane is shown eating clean. He promises to Mack that he’s going to choke “your hoe ass out.” Mack thinks that Kane has gotten everything handed to him. He says when he dumps Kane on his back, Alex is gonna hear 1-2-3.

We see what both men are doing three days away from Fury Road and Alex Kane is busy in Miami getting special gift from his big-name backer, Don King. However, Mack is in So Cal making clear that Kane more than likely woke up an angry tiger ready to fight on September 3 in Philly.

Lio Rush vs. Willie Mack vs. John Hennigan

Mance Warner makes his way down to join commentary. Mancer makes clear he respects Mack and Rush in the ring but Hennigan? That’s another story. Hennigan proves his point when he and Lio bail instead of fighting with Mack. Sure enough, Sam Adonis tries to get involved but Willie pops him. Hennigan hit a double back elbow on Mack and the two gang up on Willie. They kick Mack out of the ring and Lio tries to roll Hennigan up: 1-2-no!

Both men feign handshakes with one another before kicking eachother at the same time.  As the two exchange offense, Willie gets back in and regulates, including a massive Pounce that sends Lio sailing! Hennigan kicks Mack in the back of the head to down the big man, but not for long.

Mack nails Hennigan with a Samoan Drop before kipping up with his signature standing moonsault

Mack looks to do the same to Lio but Rush turns it into a poisonrana and gets a near fall!

Lio climbs up top for some aerial assault but Mack moves. Lio charges, but Mack pops him up for an emphatic elbow that makes all of Melrose Ballroom wince!

Hennigan now goes on the attack and rolls Mack up for a near fall. He punches away at Willie before getting a camel clutch in. Lio soon gets in to try to form another alliance but Hhennigan super kicks him out of the equation!

Mack chops away at John in the corner before thwarting Hennigan’s springboard attempt. Lio topes both opponents on opposite sides of the ring before going for a frog splash on Willie. He moves and Mack nails a stunner! He does the same to Hennigan but, Sam Adonis interferes. However, much like Taya earlier in the evening Hennigan knocks Sam off and Mack rolls him up: 1-2-3!

WINNER: Willie Mack

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