Fusion Recap: Fury Road Fallout


MLW Fusion certainly starts off on unsavory terms as we see Mister Saint Laurent at his new World Titan Federation headquarters nursing his bare foot which Mance Warner took a bite out of! MSL said that wasn’t the stipulation and now he had to be tested for rabies at his local veterinarian! He makes clear that he plans to have Matt Cardona go after all of SGC because Mancer didn’t play by the rules.

MSL’s foot couldn’t have been all that bad as he was able to hobble out to the 2300 Arena in Philly to introduce his latest WTF acquisition in Snisky!

Yoscifer El vs. Snisky

This fight is quick work by Snisky who doesn’t even wait for the bell to ring. He plows Yoscifer down, slams him hard with a bodyslam, delivers his patented Snisky Kick, and plants him with a massive chokeslam.

WINNER: Snisky

Post match Yoscifer El has to be stretchered out, but the psychotic Snisky continues to attack his prone opponent on the entryway as MSL and his busted foot find solace in their new client.

If you aren’t familiar with Salina De La Renta, you sure will be as The Bruja returned at MLW Never Say Never. She’s been away from the league for quite some time, but you can rest assured she’ll be looking to get gold by her side once again.

Speaking of seeking gold, we cut to Calvin Tankman. He makes clear that a singles title has always eluded him in MLW. He plans to change that when he faces Shigehiro Irie for Germany’s WXW Unified World Wrestling Champion tonight.

Other big announcements took place at Fury Road this past weekend and that included the announcement where Minoru Suzuki will be making his way to MLW at Slaughterhouse on October 14!

Back in the ring, Matt Striker is hoping to get some words in to the Philadelphia crowd, but is interrupted by Little Guido, Ray Jaz and Jesus Rodriguez! Guido tells Striker to “shuddap your face” as Rodriguez kicks striker out! He calls The FBI the original Latinos and their roots go way back and he wants to help his “primos.” He appears to be an honorary member of The FBI tonight and they’re gonna need all the help they can get as they deal with The Mane Event & Microman!

The FBI & Jesus Rodriguez vs. The Mane Event & Microman

Guido clearly has no regard for Microman as he taunts his little adversary with a butt shake before Microman takes a bite outta him! Guido tags in Rodriguez who gives Microman a gutbuster and covers, but lifts him back up before the pinfall is administered. Not a wise move. They isolate Microman and The FBI choke him after sharing cheek kisses. Microman gets the better of them by poking them in the eyes

Guido and Jaz continue to neutralize Microman and try to have fun by holding him up and bearhugging him. However, Micro breaks free to hit a hurricanrana that sends Rodriguez into spearing Jaz!

In come the Mane Event who manage to get Jaz down. They hold a hulahoop for Microman to Vader bomb Jaz through and it’s good enough for the 1-2-3!

WINNERS: The Mane Event and Microman

Following the fight, out comes Sam Adonis who is disgusted by the success of Microman. He says Microman is one of the most hated men in Mexico. He says Microman has a wife and child, but he was jealous of his own baby and the attention he gets.

Snisky comes back out with MSL and takes out Jay Lyon and Midas Black. They have Microman cornered with a chair as MSL has a bag in hand. He says Snisky is a former college football player and is also a punter. MSL dumps out some dolls for him to punt before Adonis holds Microman like a Charlie Brown football for Snisky to kick him all the way to New Jersey. Thankfully, out comes SGC for the save!

We cut backstage to Adonis who tells Sam Leterna next week he’s gonna put an end to Microman! The match is made official!

Next up we learn of the “Spirit Of BOMAYE” as we peel back the page on the history of Alex Kane and he talks about the organic growth in popularity of the BOMAYE Fight Club.

It’s main event time.

WXW Unified World Wrestling Championship
Calvin Tankman vs. Shigehiro Irie (c)

The speed, strength and power of Calvin Tankman is on complete display in this battle as Heavyweight Hustle clearly has gold on his mind.

Irie tries to take Tank off his feet but after a few attempts, Calvin plows him down with a big shoulder tackle. He tosses the champ to the outside to inflict more pain. He chops him against the barricade before going back out to break the count.

However, Irie slides a chair to the back of Tank’s knee to sit him down for some strikes of his own.

Back in the ring, Irie aims to get some offense in, but the weight of Tankman takes over. He bodyslams Irie and splashes him: 1-2-no!

The two continue to duke it out before Tankman plunges Irie down for a sit-out pump-handle and the champ just barely kicks out. Tankman screams in frustration.

He manages to mark Irie with his patented pop up elbow and a standing powerbomb for another near fall. Tank swiftly follows up with a BIG back elbow to the head of Irie that echoes throughout the 2300. Instead of making the pin that could have gotten him the win, Tank sizes Irie up, he goes for a suplex but Iries shimmies free. He cannonballs Tank against the ring ropes and it sets him up to hit Tank with not one, but two Beast Bomber lariats for the 1-2-3!

WINNER and STILL WXW Unified World Wrestling Champion: Shigehiro Irie

After the match, real recognizes real as Tankman shakes the hand of Irie for a hard-fought fight.

We always get real with Jacob Fatu and he makes clear about his excitement for Minoru Suzuki showing up. He says “You ain’t never run into an Uce before” – the challenge is laid down for Slaughterhouse on October 14!

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