Fusion Recap: The Calling Continues To Cause Chaos


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MLW Fusion starts off with Mance Warner, 1 Called Manders and none other than Jimmy Llyod who expresses his enthusiasm to be in MLW as he’s traveled and partied with Second Gear Crew throughout his career. Lloyd being in the house means that it helps SGC in the numbers games against The Calling!

Nolo Kitano vs. Ichiban

The Ghetto Samurai shows off his strong wrestling ability and the two have a speedy chess match of athleticism filled with arm drags, a test of strength before Ichiban catches Nolo with a springboard crossbody. He corners Nolo for some punches but some rapid fire strikes levels it out for Kitano. A big dropkick sends Ichiban to the outside and Nolo takes advantage for a corkscrew plancha!

Back in the ring, the two collide into one another with stereo cross bodies! Both men are down and duke it out as they get to their feet. Ichiban hits a modified muscle buster for a near fall. It’s not long before Nolo shows his quickness by walking “old school” on the top rope and connecting Ichiban with a flipping DDT.

Massive kicks are exchanged between the two but it all ends when Kitano springboards off only to get caught with ichiban’s leaping flatliner for the 1-2-3!

WINNER: Ichiban

Matt Cardona is with Sam Leterna and he makes clear he is not a “fighter,” but he’s a superstar. He’s here for money, merch and of course, gold.

We see Sam Adonis walking backstage stating he knows where Cesar Duran is when sudden;y two Azteca henchmen abduct him just like they did with Duran and John Hennigan! Could this indeed be the work of Salina De La Renta.

The Calling cuts into the feed and Rickey Shane Page makes clear he was reborn by Raven and he calls himself The Golden King. He makes clear him and Akira are hunting for “you.”

Back in the 2300 Arena, Mister Saint Laurent says he plans for Matt Cardona and the WTF to bring in gold to his group.

Next he welcomes B3CCA to the stage and she says that she has to hold a silent vigil for Delmi Exo. MSL says that the rumors are Delmi got plastic surgery after B3CCA’s attack and if those rumors are true, B3CCA says she did the Double Champ a favor.

Finally we get word from the backer of The BOMAYE Fight Club, Don King. He reveals that he and Kane put pen to paper for the main event match at MLW Slaughterhouse: it’s Kane vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr.!

MLW CEO Court Bauer is shown walking out of the bathroom when he’s approached by Jesus Rodriguez. The ring announcer says that he better stop dodging Salina De La Renta’s calls. Court brushes him off but then Mance Warner walks in with blue prints. He clearly has some big plans in place for MLW Slaughterhouse.

Word is that Microman has gone missing he was scheduled for an autograph signing but never appeared and league officials are looking into the matter!

Fusion fans are not done with B3CCA for the evening as the International Pop Star joins commentary for the next match – involving Love, Doug, who brings B3CCA a cake!

Little Guido vs. Love, Doug

Doug’s unorthodox style has Guido in a test of strength that turns to a tango, and it doesn’t take long for the FBI leader to get frustrated. Guido gets Doug down and does what he can to mock and maim Doug. B3CCA could clearly care less at the commentary table

Guido grabs hold of a guitar and begins to taunt Doug before charging at him with it, Guido takes a  swing, Doug moves, the guitar bounces off the rope and hits Guido which allows Doug to jacknife pin him for the win!

WINNER: Love, Doug

Doug is in a celebratory move and he goes to the outside to share his joy with B3CCA he holds the cake for her but instead of taking a slice she smashes his face in it! Poor Doug is left despondent!

Another man who hopes to be in a celebratory mood after tonight is Matthew Justice as he takes on Akira in the main event. He’s got Manders, Mancer and Llyod there for his support and all four are ready for brawlin’ and beers!

However, SGC has to be concerned about Microman as we see him sipped in a Louis Vitton bag right by Salina De La Renta, but she punches the bag and wants to say “Adios Microman!”

It’s main event time.

Matthew Justice vs. Akira

The bell sounds and Akira goes to attack Justice, but Matt moves and downs Akira quick with a big time spear.

This is very much less of a wrestling match and more of an all out bar brawl as Matt is happy to introduce chairs into the equation. He gives Akira a few shots with one on the outside before he begins tossing them in the ring.

One gets set up in the middle and Akira is soon sitting on it taking some harsh chops. He fires back with an enziguri, but he pauses too much and Matt ends up giving him a death valley driver onto the seated chair!

It’s not long before Akira gets his retribution as Justice goes up top to give Akira another DVD, but Akira slips through and powerbombs him onto the chair which folds like a piece of paper!

Matthew fights on but soon has to fend off several of The Calling’s talons. Akira is ready to take advantage but Jimmy Lloyd runs in and tosses a chair at Akira. Soon out comes Rickey Shane Page and the massive Cannonball to get the advantage and the match gets thrown out!


As expected for The Calling, RSP, Cannonball and Akira enjoy the numbers game, but soon enough the rest of SGC run down!

The fight ends up going to the back as RSP has hold of Manders. He puts Manders on a table, climbs a ladder and splashes on top of him! RSP grimaces but walks off to continue the fight out in the arena, but the camera cuts out!

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