Fusion Preview for tonight


8pm tonight featuring:
Street Fight! AKIRA vs. Jimmy Lloyd!
•Triple Threat: Kevin Blackwood vs. TJ Crawford vs. Alec Price
•Tiara James vs. Zayda Steel

MLW FUSION featuring a street fight streaming 8pm tonight on MLW’s YouTube channel and FITE+, Friday on beIN XTRA and Saturday on Cable TV’s beIN SPORTS (find a provider). 

World Titan Federation Superstar® Matt Cardona takes over MLW’s YouTube account for the night as The WTF Superstar plays “guest influencer”. Will his millions of followers show up to troll or support The Agent? 

Salina de la Renta ups the ante, and it sends shockwaves through Slaughterhouse on FITE+. Plus, who is Salina’s first luchador in the new era of Promociones Dorado? You’re about to find out.

Alex Kane bosses up as he readies for his World Heavyweight Championship clash with Davey Boy Smith Jr. at Slaughterhouse on October 14… and Saint Laurent has a special offer for the “Suplex Assassin”.

After Jimmy Lloyd crashed onto the scene to help the Second Gear Crew, can the aspiring SUPER middleweight Jimmy Lloyd serve up a beat down to the Death Fighter AKIRA? A different boy goes to war in a South Philly street fight! 

Saint Laurent’s power throughout the world of wrestling continues to grow but what is the World Titan Federation? MLW looks at the Canadian huckster’s ousting as Senior Vice President of league operations and the rapid growth of The World Titan Federation.

The Calling indoctrinate their newest member.

Kevin Blackwood debuts against “Silver Sniper” TJ Crawford and Alec Price in a triple threat bout!

Emerging middleweight threat Ichiban gives his first interview. What does he have to say to the world? Tune in to find out!

In featherweight division action, Tiara James goes head to head with the debuting Zayda Steel.

PLUS: new matches drop for Slaughterhouse on FITE+!


•Street Fight! AKIRA vs. Jimmy Lloyd 

•Triple Threat: Kevin Blackwood vs. TJ Crawford vs. Alec Price

•Tiara James vs. Zayda Steel

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