Fusion Recap: Middleweight Street Fight: Akira vs. Jimmy Lloyd


Akira challenges Jimmy Lloyd in a massive Philly street fight. Plus, Salina de la Renta has a big announcement.

MLW Fusion is off to a hot start as we see Salina de la Renta take the stage. The reports are true – the Bruja does have a big announcement tonight, but you’re going to have to wait. From how it sounds she’s got a new client!

Tiara James vs. Zayda Steel

Tiara James is looking to rebound this week following a loss to B3CCA and “Top Tier” sure does with some hard-hitting offense. The debuting upstart Steel looks to slow the pace down, but James doesn’t let her, first eluding her hammerlocks, then some stiff shoulder tackles and she channels Arn Anderson once again with a strong spinebuster! That sets her up nicely for her patented elevated Double Arm DDT and she gets the 1-2-3!

WINNER: Tiara James

Some hidden footage of The Calling was found by MLW production. RSP said it’s been fun to beat up Manders. He’s said that all of SGC is prey and The Calling is on the hunt.

We see Jimmy Lloyd tossing cookies, but it’s not cause of drinking, it’s because he’s trying to cut weight for the Middleweight division.

Salina de la Renta reveals the big match she brokered: Rocky Romero vs. Akira and it’s all going down at Slaughterhouse.

TJ Crawford vs. Alec Price vs. Kevin Blackwood

Intensity is brought in this match, but it’s clear TJ is conflicted after being approached by a masked man last week, but he better be focused as he’s facing off against Price and the debuting Blackwood.

Speed is a big factor as Price and Blackwood trade pins after they send TJ out of the ring. Blackwood hits a back fist, but Price comes back with a crossbody. Crawford puts a stop to all of it and slows this fast-paced down, albeit only a little. Price uses his limbs to strike and get Crawford off his game before heading to break.

Back from it, Blackwood is back in it with a big suplex to Price. He hits a harsh double stomp to Price. Blackwood keeps hitting impact moves and nails a running DVD to Crawford, but only gets a two count.

Crawford gets Blackwood in a triangle hold Blackwood powers him up but Price leaps off the top for a blockbuster! Price is on a roll until the hooded man returns to attack Price and disrupt Blackwood who leaps off the top, but Crawford hits him with his Silver Bullet kick!

WINNER: TJ Crawford

Post match, Crawford and the hooded man attack Blackwood and the bell sounds in order to garner order. They go after Blackwood’s ankle and the hooded man reveals himself to be Tony Deppen!

Ichiban is with his #1 Dojo and his interpreter who says that he’s gunning to be the #1 Middleweight in all of MLW!

Joe Dombrowski does an expose on Mister Saint Laurent and the WTF: World Titan Federation: is MSL following in the footsteps of Pro Wrestling NOAH and AEW and starting his own promotion within MLW?

Matt Cardona attempts to do some backstage social media streaming, but gets attacked by Mance Warner!

It’s main event time.

Street Fight
Jimmy Lloyd vs. Akira

Jimmy wastes no time in showing that he’s ready for a fight, but obviously so is the double champ Akira. Lloyd manages to take Akira down several times by spinning the ladder around the ring. However, that ladder never gets climbed as Akira gives Lloyd an exploder suplex into it in the corner and the ladder gets folded in half!

So many weapons are used in this battle as both men get bloodied and Akira eventually gets a very near fall after nailing Jimmy with a fish hook leg sweep! Chairs get set up and Lloyd soon presents thumbtacks and both men feel the wrath of those in the heat of battle. RSP does come out looking to inflict more damage but Matthew Justice cuts him off at the pass and they brawl to the back. However, Jimmy Lloyd attempts to take Akira out on a series of open chairs but it’s Akira who nails him with a DDT! 1-2-3!


It’s looking tough to stop The Calling as this insane feud between them and SGC rages on. 

We cut to World Titan Towers and MSL is grinning ear to ear as he’s happy to say that before Alex Kane has to defend his title against Davey Boy Smith Jr. he’s got a mystery opponent lined up next week and it’s a BIG one.

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