Fusion Recap: The Calling’s Twisted Plans For Salina


Alex Kane faces a mystery opponent, SGC fights The Calling and Salina gives details about a brokered deal!

Fans were recently introduced to the newest member of The Calling in Cannonball and we get to see the monster in action. And speaking of monsters, who does MSL have lined up for to battle Alex Kane ahead of his scheduled match at Slaughterhouse against WTF client, Davey Boy Smith Jr.?


The Calling (Cannonball & Talon) vs. Second Gear Crew (Matt Justice & 1 Called Manders)

Mance Warner joined commentary, but before he even could utter a word the fight already started at ringside! This is clearly a contentious battle as both sides bring brutality to their offense. Justice and Manders unleash heavy corner attacks and Cannonball gets an unexpect “mask” as a steel chair is busted over his head!

SGC get a near fall after an impressive spear/lariat double-team on Talon, but Cannonball gives them a reason why he’s called that. He splashes on them to break it up!

However, a Hawkeye Slam by Manders downs Talon and Matthew Justice leaps off the top for a big time splash for the emphatic 1-2-3!

WINNERS: Second Gear Crew

Backstage we see Love, Doug strumming on the guitar and singing a tune. Sam Leterna approaches him and ask what he’s up to. As expected, he’s working on a song for B3CCA. Sam gives him some encouragement but so does someone very unexpect – “The Samoan Werewolf” Jacob Fatu. He digs Doug’s style.

We cut to the newly aligned Tony Deppen and TJ Crawford. Deppen said he saw a lot of himself in The Silver Bullet and Crawford goes over Deppen’s track record. Deppen says that MLW best watch out for the Dirty Ass Bastards!

It’s not long before Leterna catches up with MSL who defends his actions following the expose from last week. What’s the harm in him just wetting his beak with the talent he oversees? He calls himself a legitimate businessman and it’s absolutely ridiculous. A lawsuit is forthcoming and the WTF is taking over wrestling.

Next, MLW takes a special look back at “This week in history” as fans get to see once again the classic MLW battle between Shane Strickland and Ricochet at MLW One-Shot – the event that began the “rise of the renegades”


Shane Strickland vs. Ricochet (October 5, 2017, MLW One-Shot)

Shane Strickland took on wrestling’s top free agent at the time, King Ricochet in a match that had major league stakes for Swerve. Strickland, had a lot of the media’s attention heading into this bout and throughout the evening, MLW 360 covered his and Ricochet’s friendship that has soured since this match was announced. “He’s good, he’s really good, but he’s not ‘Ricochet good.’” Ricochet tried to downplay Strickland’s relevance on social media, but Shane had other ideas, separating “The King” from his friend Trevor Mann.”I am here to dethrone Ricochet. Trevor will always be my best friend, but Ricochet needs to be kicked in the mouth,” Shane stated earlier.

This match majorly lived up to it’s expectations as the two men went nearly a full 40 minutes as strength, endurance and sheer athleticism became a gigantic factor. The momentum shifted swiftly between the two competitors. The match finally determined a victor when Ricochet exhausted all of his energy by lifting Strickland up for one-armed powerbomb and as he went for the better driller two, Strickland enziguried himself into an armbar to get the submission victory.

WINNER: Shane Strickland

It’s back to current day as Sam Leterna is standing next to Alex Kane who is asked about the mystery opponent tonight. One matter is for certain, this mystery opponent seems like a hoe. Therefore, this individual isn’t going to “Suplex Island,” but “Hoe Island,” a trip that has a little more turbulence. BOMAYE!

We head to Mexico City and see Salina de la Renta. She is ready for credit for brokering a deal with CMLL and she said although it’s good news for MLW, it comes with a price. Wait and see.

New footage is shown courtesy of The Calling and it’s chilling to say the least. Akira and RSP have an unknown woman tied down with the face of Salina de la Renta taped over her. Akira makes clear that his match against Rocky Romero is going to exemplify the plans The Calling has for her. “Trust in Akira.”

It’s main event time.

MSL saunters out and says his “mystery man” is going to cripple Alex Kane tonight. He certain brings out a “titan” as who comes out but Snisky, with a gurney over his shoulder. The MLW World Champion isn’t alone either as the whole BOMAYE fight team comes out to support him on his way to the ring.


Snisky vs. Alex Kane

Kane sure means business as he wastes no time in taking Snisky down and it surprisingly doesn’t take long. He shows his immense strength by nailing Snisky with two suplexes!

Snisky fights back and gets a massive body slam laid down on Kane and goes for the high-risk maneuver of climbing up top! Snisky leaps but Kane moves and catches him in his patented choke hold and Snisky has no choice but to tap!

WINNER: Alex Kane

The BOMAYE Fight Team swarm the ring and celebrate with the champ as he’s clearly ready for MLW Slaughterhouse!

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