Matt Cardona open contract challenge in Philly Oct 14

Who will step up and face Cardona 1-on-1 in Philly?

MLW announced Matt Cardona’s Fright Night Challenge: Matt Cardona vs. ??? at the FUSION TV taping portion of MLW Slaughterhouse live and exclusively on FITE+ Saturday, October 14 at Philadelphia’s 2300 Arena.

🎟 Grab tickets at and the 2300 Arena box office. Tickets start at $15. 

World Titan Federation Superstar® Matt Cardona is confirmed he will compete in an “open contract” match at MLW’s October 14 card in Philadelphia.

The match is a part of the FUSION portion of the card.

Undefeated since debuting, the undisputed internet champion promises a “fright night” for the wrestler who sets foot in the ring against him in the 2300 Arena. 

Who will step up? What does Cardona and WTF promoter Saint Laurent have up their sleeves?

Lock in your tickets now at and see it go down Saturday, October 14 in Philadelphia at

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