Fusion Recap: Salina De La Renta Runs The Show


MLW Fusion is getting a long-forgotten revamp as it’s Promociones Dorado Salina de la Renta taking over the executive producer reigns once again.

This week’s MLW Fusion is getting a long-forgotten revamp as it’s Promociones Dorado Salina de la Renta taking over the executive producer reigns once again. The Bruja gets introduced by Jesus Rodriguez and as she relishes in the moment of being in the spotlight, out comes Ichiban and his translator. He makes clear that Ichiban deserves a shot at Akira and the MLW Middleweight Championship, but Salina takes exception to being interrupted. She says tonight Ichiban will face Jesus Rodriguez tonight. That matches is next and Ichiban has very little time to get ready.

Jesus Rodriguez (with Salina de la Renta) vs. Ichiban

The deck is definitely stacked against Ichiban as Salina aims to cause several distractions and at one point even chokes Ichiban over the ropes. Rodriguez also gets to show off his power and strength by giving a stalling suplex, but Ichiban has several flurries of his high flying offense and taking Rodriguez off his feet from a missile dropkick. Ichiban then pops Rodriguez with a leaping flatliner and secures the 1-2-3!

WINNER: Ichiban

Post-match, Ichiban doesn’t have long to celebrate as the rest of Promociones Dorado come out to gang up on him. Rocky Romero, Janai Kai and Rodriguez all stomp away at Ichiban before Romero powerbombs him onto a chair!

Salina de la Renta is in her office as a big tag match is announced for MLW Fightland, but she keeps getting interrupted by “BOMAYE” chants. She furiously storms off in hopes to get it all rectified.

CMLL Historic Welterweight Championship
Volador Jr. vs. Rocky Romero (c)

The obligatory pre-title ceremony doesn’t last long as Volador pops Rocky with a dropkick and we’re underway. Volador stays on the offensive as highlights are shown. The former three-time Historic Welterweight Champion catches Romero on the outside with an absolutely beautiful hurricanrana. Pin attempts are exchanged and Rocky catches a flying Volador with a sit-out powerbomb.

Rocky then double stomps Volador while he’s in a tree of woe and soon returns the hurricanrana favor by sending him hard into the ring post. Volador is soon to give Rocky a receipt with a sit-out powerbomb of his own for a very near fall. Then the two keep trading major German suplexes but it’s all curtains when Rocky Romero fights through to give Volador a top-rope arm bar to pick up the submission win.

WINNER and STILL CMLL Historic Welterweight Champion: Rocky Romero Jr.

Salina is really living her best life as she gives everybody a look into the new World Featherweight Champion, “The Kick Demon” Janai Kai.

The Fightland match that Salina previously announced while getting “BOMAYED” is a good one as Rocky Romero teams with Barbaro Cavernario to battle Mascara Dorado 2.0 and Ichiban. We get all the early details for Fightland Control Center.

Backstage Salina is on the phone and in comes Delmi Exo, who sees that Salina is trying to dismiss The God Queen, but she makes clear she will get her rematch against Kai. Salina demeans the former champ before walking off and running into MSL. Documents are exchanged as she agrees with MSL to make him the promoter of the One-Shot card in NYC and that one of his clients get a World Title whenever and wherever he wants. Salina is clearly up to something!

Next week, a big match is made as Second Gear Crew challenge RSP and Akira for The World Tag Team Titles in a tables match!

We see Mance Warner and 1 Called Manders standing in the parking lot as Salina settles down the party. Mancer reminds her that she couldn’t take him out last time she was here and he’s clearly getting under her skin. She reels back to slap him before Jacob Fatu catches her hand! He notes how bad he wants to beat fools down in Mexico and Salina tells them both to be careful what they wish froe. She walks off as Mance, Manders and Fatu pop open a couple cold ones.

B3CCA’s record label is reportedly banning her from wrestling until she completes her new album, but what does the note left for Love, Doug last week mean? We’ll find out more next week.

Salina walks out in the 2300 Arena to make her big announcement for Fightland, but she needs the MLW World Champ Alex Kane to be present to do so. There clearly is no love loss between the two and she reveals his opponent: it’s Jacob Fatu!

As the crowd reacts to the major main event made for Fightland, we see RSP and Akira in found footage. RSP makes clear that SGC don’t stand a chance next week.

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