Fusion Preview


Tables Match! Cardona has a mic & more!

MLW FUSION featuring a TABLES match for the World Tag Team Championship, streaming 8pm tonight on MLW’s YouTube channel and FITE+, Friday on beIN XTRA and Saturday on Cable TV’s beIN SPORTS (find a provider). 

•Tables match for World Tag Team Championship: The Calling vs. Second Gear Crew

•Jacob Fatu vs. Mr. Thomas

•Mance Warner vs. Talon

•Brett Ryan Gosselin vs J Boujii 

FIGHTLAND may be in 3 weeks but tonight Jacob Fatu will square off with Alex Kane’s cornerman and confidant Mr Thomas. 

Will Mr. Thomas powerwrestling pulverize Fatu and soften him up for FIGHTLAND? 

Will Fatu’s fury be too much for the Philly powerhouse? And what happens when the World Heavyweight Champion is in the corner of his fellow Bomaye Fight Team member?

Could Fatu and Kane come to blows before their November 18 showdown live and exclusively on FITE+? 

The “Crown Jewel” of the World Titan Federation, Matt Cardona, will have a live mic. What’s he got to say? Find out on Fusion!

Promoter Saint Laurent presents Matt Cardona with a luxury car and celebrates the World Titan Federation’s Superstar®’s mysterious big plans.

The hustling huckster promoter promises big moves will be made this week on Fusion. What could the scheming Saint Laurent’s dirty carny tricks be? 

Following a suspicious exchange of classified files for favors with Saint Laurent, what is Salina de la Renta up to? 

Gold and tables headline this week’s Fusion as the Calling and the Second Gear Crew battle it out! Can SGC win gold in MLW and finish off their feud with the Calling? Or will the calling card finally drop on the highwaymen?

Plus, Mance Warner looks to crack open the light beers early as The Bucksnort Brawler throws down with The Calling’s Talon!

In the wake of his physical assault on Kevin Blackwood, the league doubles down on Tony Deppen’s suspension.

Something new: Brett Ryan Gosslin makes his MLW debut against The Bomaye Fight Club’s J Boujii! Will BRG be victorious in his debut.

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