Delmi Exo

Delmi Exo
Delmi Exo

Height: 5’7″
Weight: 151 lbs.
Hometown: Easthampton, MA
Style: Technical
Signature Move: Delmi Driver

Delmi Exo made a splash debuting in MLW in 2021, teaming with sister Ashley Vox as the Sea Stars.

“The God Queen” has since embarked on a career as a singles competitor, wowing fans and winning big.

Expanding her arsenal with devastating moves like the Exocution and generating buzz, Delmi Exo has become one of the top women’s wrestlers in the league.

Putting pen to paper with MLW, the popular competitor now officially calls MLW home. With the goal of winning gold Delmi Exo promises to hit the women’s featherweight division with a tidal wave.