Little Guido

Little Guido
Little Guido

Height: 5’6″
 169 lbs.
Hometown: Little Italy, NYC
Signature Moves: Kiss of Death, Sicillian Crab, Sicilian Slice, Arrivederci, Fujiwara Armbar

Little Guido has a chip on his shoulder. You would too if your nickname was the “Sicilian Shooter.”

Anchoring the Full Blooded Italians tag team, the capo of the FBI, Guido is as scrappy as he is tenacious.

Known for his short temper when he feels disrespected, this middleweight deserves respect for his accomplishments in the sport.

With 2 reigns as an ECW World Tag Team Champion and background fighting in the UWFi, Guido is tough as nails and knows a thing or two about extreme environments.

Now the technical Italiano is introducing a new soldier as a part of the famed FBI familia in his cousin Ray Jaz. 

With a new generation of the famed FBI familia in MLW, Guido implores you to “shuttupa ya mouth” and show some respect.