Mance Warner

Height: 6’1
 215 lbs.
Hometown: Bucksnort, TN
Style: Brawler
Signature Move: Lariat

Mance Warner is in Major League Wrestling to raise hell, throw some lariats and kick back a case of light beers as only the “Southern Psycho” can.

A tough as nails brawler, Ol’ Mancer fights with no remorse.  Violent, unrelenting and unpredictable in and away from the ring, Mance Warner is one of the most unorthodox southern wrestlers in the sport today.  Known for creating carnage in bars and in the ring, the Bucksnort, TN bloodledder has a reputation for pummeling anyone that gets in his way.

The trash talking Tennessean backs up his what he says in the ring with pure high octane ass kicking.  Coming up in the sport on the mid-south and southern wrestling circuits, this outlaw quickly made a name for himself with his rugged style of wrestling.

Now Ol Mancer looks to go to stomp a mud hole into his adversaries, grab some belts and then hit the pay window in MLW to collect some paydays.