Height: 5’11”
Weight: 216 lbs.
Hometown: Hamptons, NY; Palm Beach, FL; Vail, CO (seasonal residences)
Style: Traditional Pro Wrestling
Signature Move: South Hamptons Plunge (Cradle hammerlock DDT)

Pro wrestling’s first 1-percenter, Ivy-Leaguer Maxwell Jacob Friedman enjoys the finer things in life.

Known more commonly as MJF, per his monogrammed luggage and custom-made workout gear, this smug New Yorker isn’t just a bank account with a big mouth. He’s a pro wrestling prodigy.

Coming from a life of privilege and comforts unlike many others, MJF proudly wears the latest from Burberry and other luxury fashion brands. MJF has no problem telling anyone – including his opponents — that he’s “better than you and you know it.”

A charter member of the Dynasty, MJF looks to prove that statement against anyone who steps foot in the ring against him.