IMG_0329.jpgHeight: 5’11”
Weight: 216 lbs.
Hometown: Hamptons, NY; Palm Beach, FL; Vail, CO (seasonal residences)
Style: Traditional Pro Wrestling
Signature Move: South Hamptons Plunge (Cradle hammerlock DDT)

Pro wrestling’s first one-percenter, this Ivy Leaguer enjoys the finer things in life.

Known more commonly as MJF, per his monogrammed luggage and custom made workout gear, this smug New Yorker isn’t just a bank account with a big mouth: he’s a pro wrestling prodigy.

Coming from a life of privilege and comforts unlike many others, MJF proudly wears the latest from Burberry and other luxury fashion brands.  Indeed, MJF has no problem telling you or his competitor that he’s “better than you.”

Now in MLW, Friedman looks to make a big statement that he is in fact better than you and everyone that steps foot in the ring against him.