Mr. Thomas

Mr. Thomas
Mr. Thomas

Height: 6’5″
 282 lbs.
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Signature Move: The Bomaye Blaster

Known for involvement in several historic BOMAYE Fight Club matches, Mr. Thomas is a controversial figure, partly for his hand in the outcome of numerous BOMAYE bouts. 

Coming up on the hard knocks Philly fight circuit, Mr. Thomas earned a reputation as the hardest hitting, fastest to finish combatants ever to step foot in the ring. 

It’s this rep that brought Mr. Thomas to Alex Kane as the BOMAYE Fight Club emerged on the scene in Major League Wrestling.

While a wall of muscle, and yes, Mr. Thomas is quite the imposing enforcer, he is a master fight strategist, often drawing up the game plan for BOMAYE Fight Club’s biggest bouts. 

When not throwing down in the ring himself, look for Mr. Thomas as the cunning cornerman of Alex Kane.