Richard Holliday

Richard Holliday

Height: 6’3″
Weight: 237 lbs.
Hometown: Westport, Connecticut 
Signature Move: The 2008

Pro wrestling’s self-proclaimed most marketable wrestler, Richard Holliday is pro wrestling gone corporate.

“Between my size, charisma, good looks, & athleticism I reach every demographic.”

Insisting that branding is everything, Richard Holliday is a self confident corporate era wrestler.  Holliday goes as far as to brand fans as “consumers.”

But don’t think this corporate jargon is just rhetoric.  Holliday can back it up in the ring.

Trained by Paul Roma, Holliday is excellent in the ring.  While fixated on wrestling being a “market place,” Holliday’s athleticism and intelligence in the ring have impressed many thus far.

An offensive lineman in college, Holliday is a natural athlete with imposing size.  Balancing brawn with brains, Holliday received bachelor’s degree in marketing.

Now a charter member of The Dynasty, the Richard Holliday brand looks to reach buzz worthy levels of excellence in MLW.

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