FullSizeRender-1Hometown: Dorado, Puerto Rico
Affiliation: Promociones Dorado

La Empresa, Salina de La Renta is the founder of Promociones Dorado, which acts as a pipeline to the stars of Latin America for sports leagues, TV and film in the US and abroad.

A powerful player in sports and entertainment in Latin America, Salina de la Renta is one of today’s most sophisticated and driven entrepreneurs.

A modern impresario, Salina de la Renta is connected with the biggest TV networks, entertainers and athletes of Latin America. So, when MLW wanted to showcase lucha libre, they issued a promoting and managing license to Salina de la Renta. Simply put: if you want best of the best from Latin America, you go to Salina de la Renta who represents some of the best in Lucha Libre.

While her promoting office is based out of Dorado, Puerto Rico, de la Renta has satellite offices in Mexico City, Bolivia, Chile and San Diego.

Correcting those who label her a manager, de la Renta is quick to clarify that she doesn’t “manage wrestlers”; she “showcases premiere Latin talent.”

She claims a lot of men are intimidated by Salina de la Renta. Do you blame them?