Timothy Thatcher

Height: 6’3”
Weight: 228 lbs.
Style: Technical
Signature Moves:Cross Armbar, Backdrop Driver, Fujiwara Armbar

Widely considered one of the best scientific pro wrestlers in the world, Timothy Thatcher is revered and feared for his rugged, technical style.

Journeying around the world and winning championships in the United Kingdom, Germany and North America, Timothy Thatcher is a top ranked wrestler on several international circuits.

Ever versatile, Thatcher is a savvy grappler.  Shutting down adversaries on the mat and manipulating their joints with punishing submissions, the 6’3″ Californian is a ring general.

This globe traveling grappler is notorious for smashing opponents with a pulverizing European style; adding a crippling dimension to his fight game.

Honing his skills most recently in the United Kingdom and Germany, this submission artist has one of the most effective armbars in the sport including a lethal cross armbar and Fujiwara armbar.

Complimenting these joint crippling submissions Thatcher is often known to crumple opponents with his brilliant backdrop driver.