Willie Mack

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 285 lbs.
Hometown: South Central Los Angeles, CA
Styles: Technical, Lucha Libre
Signature Moves: 1 Stunna (Stunner), Chocolate Thunder Bomb (Scoop lift sitout powerbomb), Chocolate Thunder Driver (Over the shoulder reverse piledriver), Six Star Frog Splash

Growing up in South Central LA, Willie Mack had to fight for everything his whole life. 

Willie Mack comes from the streets where he fights to live and lives to fight.

The self-proclaimed “chocolate thunder” is a talented fighter, blending lucha, technical and high-flying. The charismatic Mack has been a standout everywhere he’s competed.

From claiming titles all over the US to tours of Mexico, Willie Mack is a savvy and unpredictable competitor. 

Noted for his finesse and uncanny agility for his size, Willie Mack is one of wrestling’s most popular competitors.