The Modern Day Wonder Woman will finally get her chance at Hell’s Favorite Harlot.

Major League Wrestling has confirmed that after four months of trying to make this blockbuster bout, Santana Garrett vs. Priscilla Kelly is officially signed for the April 12th MLW: The World Championship Finals card in Orlando at Gilt Nightclub.

You can purchase tickets now at starting at $15.

Since being attacked Priscilla Kelly at MLW: Never Say Never (watch for free), Santana has been the target of numerous disturbing encounters with the dark and mysterious Priscilla Kelly.  This has included Priscilla posting a creepy video where she broke into Santana’s house while she was asleep.

Now after four months of aggressive and bizarre behavior, Priscilla will meet her “dark wonder” Santana Garrett for the first time ever in the ring on April 12th.  Will the “Modern Day Wonder Woman” triumph over darkness or will Priscilla death grip over the women’s division get tighter?  Find out April 12th in Orlando.

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