One of the greatest stories of 2018 has been the return of Pierre Carl Ouellet (“PCO”) as the Quebecer has showcased his ferocious fight and borderline insane methods across North America.

But is PCO major league? We’re about to find out as he will be tested by one of the most vicious street fighters in the sport as PCO has signed a bout sheet to take on New York’s own “Notorious 187” Homicide next Thursday at the Battle Riot in Queens, NY.

An MLW original, Homicide will compete in an MLW ring for the first time in 14 years.  The co-founder of Black Friday Management and a charter member of LAX, Homicide is one of the most feared and respected fighters in the game.

“This is a street certified scrap,” said MLW CEO Court Bauer.  “It’s a homecoming for Homicide, who was a big part of MLW back in the day but also an opportunity for PCO. I’m a big fan of comebacks and PCO’s has been really fun to watch.  This should be a violent encounter.” 

Will Brooklyn’s own Homicide derail PCO’s 2018 comeback? Or will the Quebecer make a big splash in his MLW debut?  Find out LIVE July 19th! [Buy tickets]