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It was a huge show tonight on FUSION as we are now just one week away from the first-ever Battle Riot. The Stud Stable squared off with Jason Cade, Jimmy Yuta and Rhett Giddins. The “Bad Boy” Joey Janela continues his feud with the trust fund kid Maxwell J Friedman. Barrington Hughes has been looking for retribution from Sami Callihan’s Death Machines and he sent a message to that group, as well.

In our main event, it was UFC vs. Bellator in an MLW ring as “Filthy” Tom Lawlor and Jake Hagger did battle, as well.

Let’s get started with our recap of the action!

Stud Stable defeated Jason Cade, Jimmy Yuta & Rhett Giddins
The Dirty Blondes teamed up with Parrow as Col. Robert Parker brought nearly 1,000 pounds of Stud Stable beef to the ring. Meanwhile, Cade and Yuta offered up some size of their own in Rhett Giddins. Cade and Yuta bring speed and finesse, while Giddins counters the mighty Parrow’s power.

Yuta utilized that quickness early, starting the match with numerous pin attempts on Michael Patrick. With Yuta establishing early momentum, he backed into his own corner, where Cade took it upon himself to tag in unbeknownst to Yuta. But Patrick quickly tagged in Parrow — the biggest, strongest man in the match. And the momentum changed quickly as the “One Man Demolition Machine” absolutely manhandled the smaller Cade.

Parrow continued rolling as Giddins entered, hitting a huge knee lift and senton bomb. The Stud Stable were clearly more on the same page, utilizing classic tag team tactics. With Parrow and Giddins on the floor and neutralized, Cade and Yuta seemed to be building some momentum. But miscommunication between Cade and Yuta left Cade alone in the ring with Leo Brien of the Dirty Blondes. Patrick used a major size and power advantage to bury Cade with a powerslam and pick up the victory for the Stud Stable.

Following the match, Cade and Yuta argued in the ring before Cade stormed off, leaving Yuta alone. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, the Stud Stable had positive momentum going into Hager’s main event matchup with “Filthy” Tom Lawlor.

Battle Riot Control Center
With the Battle Riot on the immediate horizon, we met even more entrants to the huge matchup in New York City on this week’s episode. One of Sami Callihan’s Death Machines Fulton, Fred Yehi and MLW alumni Homicide have all entered the huge match.

In addition, MLW officials have announced Team Filthy’s Simon Gotch will face off with Hager in New York.

Huge Hughes Wins Again
After battling with Sami Callihan’s Death Machines, Barrington Hughes is itching to get his hands on the Worldwide Desperado’s henchmen. But it was Jaye Skye who had to face the Caramel Colossus on tonight’s show.

As per usual, Hughes absolutely destroyed an overmatched Skye. While it wasn’t quite as quick has his 8.8-second victory to set an MLW record for fastest pinfall, it was still over in a hurry. Hughes splashed Skye in the corner before the bell. By the time the match officially started, Hughes had Skye in position for a side slam. With 469 pounds behind it, the slam resulted in a 3-count and another victory for the undefeated Hughes.

MJF vs. Janela
Maxwell J Friedman has a World Middleweight Championship match with Joey Ryan coming up at Battle Riot in NYC. But on tonight’s episode, MJF was focused on his feud with Janela, while also having a bit of focus on Janela’s girlfriend/manager Aria Blake.

MJF opened the match raking Janela’s eyes across the top rope. But Janela’s high tolerance – dare we say need? – for pain is well-documented. Janela quickly turned the tide and action almost as quickly ended up in the MLW crowd as Janela hit a suicide dive on MJF. MLW’s Ivy Leaguer was able to regain the advantage, tossing Janela into the announcer’s area.

Janela didn’t need much time to recover from his head bouncing off the announce position. As we returned from a commercial break, the “Bad Boy” came off the top rope and once again blasted MJF in the MLW crowd. He followed that up with a swanton bomb for a near fall. After Janela went to the well one too many times and missed off the top rope, MJF went high-risk and it paid off. Friedman hit a massive superplex on Janela, but that too was only good enough for a two-count.

Janela picked up the victory when Aria Blake tossed a chair in the ring. While the chair ended up going right to MJF, it worked out in the long run for Janela. As MJF went to use the chair on Janela, the “Bad Boy” superkicked the steel into MJF’s face and secured the three-count.

Following the match, MJF said it wasn’t Aria’s fault, stating she was being “influenced by a Jersey dirtbag.” That was more than Janela could take. He returned from the back and continued to fight with Friedman on the stage. This feud is far from settled.

The World Champion is DOWN!
Throughout tonight’s show, announcers Rich Bochinni and Tony Schiavone kept fans updated on an attack on World Heavyweight Champion Shane Strickland, carried out by an unknown party. What was made clear is Low Ki was not the perpetrator of the attack as MLW cameras were filming Low Ki at his fight camp in California. While “Swerve” was treated at a local medical facility, Strickland did get clearance to compete and will face off with Low Ki on next week’s episode of FUSION with the World Heavyweight Championship on the line.
Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 9.42.14 PM.png

“Filthy” Tom Lawlor and Jake Hager Battle to a No-Contest
Col. Parker had a little extra motivation for his man Hager in this matchup with Lawlor, after the Team Filthy leader defiled his $1,000 cowboy hat recently. If that wasn’t’ enough motivation, Lawlor entered the match as the July No. 1-ranked wrestler in the MLW Top 10.

Classic mat wrestling throughout the opening moments saw neither man able to gain an extended advantage. Eventually, the larger Hager was able to gain some control. Lawlor regained some momentum by reversing a submission maneuver. But “Filthy” really took control when Hager missed a shoulder block in the corner and his massive shoulder rammed into the steel ring post.

Hager managed to avoid a high knee strike by Lawlor and turned it into an ankle lock. It looked as though the Stud Stable might pick up another victory on tonight’s episode, as Hager wrenched on Lawlor’s ankle with a submission maneuver that he’s won hundreds of matches with. Perhaps the shoulder injury from the steel post was a factor, though. Lawlor was able to roll out of the ankle lock and slap on a rear-naked choke.

That’s when Col. Parker had seen enough. He called in the Dirty Blondes and Parrow, who attacked Lawlor and Team Filthy member Simon Gotch.

After this match, one thing is clear … the Stud Stable-Team Filthy feud is FAR from over.

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